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Students pay attention to a million things like topic selection, thesis, research, citation, content to cover, sources, format, and more. These are undoubtedly very important but grammar is as important as these. Even if you have great content but your essay has a grammatical error then you won’t be able to get an A+ grade. On the other hand, if you have average but well-composed content, it can save you from failing. Here are some tips on grammar essentials that you can use to save your failing grade or you can simply ask others to write my paper for me.

  1. 1. Concrete language

    Writing vague ideas instead of concrete information can lead to a bad score. Instead include clear information that does not raise unimportant questions in mind. For instance, if you write: ‘Various issues are impacting the lives of people in different parts of the world’. From this question, your reader would start wondering about other questions like what are the issues? Is impact negative or positive? Who those people are? And in what parts of the world? If you leave your reader wondering about these questions, they might not understand the real question raised by your essay writing online.

  2. 2. Use of active voice

    Many students make the mistake that they use the passive voice instead of the active voice. It is understandable that it may not be possible to use the active voice all the time. However, you must try whenever possible to use the active voice to construct your sentences. For instance, ‘if you write, there were actions taken by the government immediately’ will not interest the readers. But if you write: ‘The government was quick to take action’, the reader will be more engaged. This is important because in complex sentences, sometimes it is not even obvious who took an action. When under the pressure of other quizzes and exams, you can ‘buy essay online’. A good quality essay will be free of all grammatical errors to get your A+ instead.

  3. 3. Use of negatives

    It is a common practice to use two negatives to create a positive. However, students tend to overuse this technique which creates confusion for the reader. Instead, it is better to keep it simple, so that your reader can understand even the complex ideas quickly. For instance, writing ‘He did not want to not help’. In place of it, you can write, ‘He was ready to help’. If I were to write my essay, I would keep the sentences simple and focus on how I can elaborate on the complex ideas through them.

  4. 4. Overuse of ‘there’ and ‘it’

    This tip is simple but yet students make this mistake unknowingly. Students tend to write ‘there is/are’ and ‘it is/was’ frequently throughout the essay. There are two disadvantages to it. Firstly, it creates ambiguousness. Secondly, it makes the monotonous. Both these issues lead to a failing grade, but you can avoid it by creating better sentences. Here’s an example to understand this tip better.

    There was information on kidnapping which was reported to the police.

    Now let us revise it and read it:

    Information on kidnapping was reported to the police.

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  5. 5. Parallel Construction

    In case you are offering many ideas then you must use consistency in grammatical form throughout. Instead of writing, ‘She was educated, intelligent and having money’, you should write, ‘She was educated, intelligent and rich’.

    You can follow these tips for all types of essays and papers. Remember that your research and ideas grab the attention of the reader but it is the correct use of grammar that keeps the readers reading. Even without great content, you may not get the best score but these tips will save you from failing at least.

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