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In the course of your academic careers, you are asked on multiple occasions to persuade your audience by building an argument on a subject of opinion, judgment, or value. In order to do that, you need to use effective rhetoric to convey your teacher, or the crowd, however, the case might be. Rhetoric can be defined as “the intentional use of language to influence an audience.” But how do you go about using language in this way?

This term is actually the result of the book written by the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle in the 4th century BCE. He divided his rhetoric under three terms, or devices: Logos, ethos, and pathos. These terms are used to connect the topic, the speaker, and the audience. Let us observe how an essay writer should use these concepts in his assignments or otherwise in their writings.


The concept of logos is directly related to the use of reason and logic in the topic on which you may be writing your essay. The custom essay writing service providers make great use of this concept as they use reliable facts and figures to support the arguments. Logos are also used when the writer wants to use the concepts of inductive and deductive reasoning in an essay.

The use of Inductive reasoning begins with a specific situation and then ends on the broader conclusions or generalizations based on reliable evidence. On the other hand, deductive reasoning begins with a generalization, which is then applied to a specific situation using reliable evidence.

The use of logos also depends on your essay outline and the organization of your essay. So choose your logos wisely!


Ethos is associated with ethics, so your trustworthiness as an expert on your topic is essential. You want your audience to trust that you know about the topic you are arguing about. In simpler words, the use of ethos depends on the credibility of the speaker and his status and character in society. An audience will not take serious arguments from someone whom they do not respect, trust, or believe to be knowledgeable about the topic.

There are some other points that the speaker must consider while using the concept of logos in their rhetoric:

· Use fair and objective language in the delivery of the main argument so that the reader can easily understand your point of view

· Use and cite credible sources, preferably those which common people can access

· Include personal experiences with the topic to engage the audience

· Present counter-arguments accurately to increase the credibility

· Find commonalities between your position and counter-arguments, such as common values

· Edit your essay for surface level errors like typing and grammatical errors or you can also ask a paper writing service to do it for you.


A good writer should know for sure which emotion would effectively impact the audience. For that specific purpose, the writer can use the concept of Pathos. It directly connects with your audience by appealing to their emotions. There are a number of ways to achieve a strong level of pathos in your essay with emotions like fear, anger, celebration, sympathy, or any other emotion that you desired to convey to your reader.

Explanation with an example

The concept of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos can be explained with the help of an example. Let us try to explain the use of these ideas with an example of the side effects of tobacco use. Suppose that you are writing about a woman that is suffering from lung cancer. In order to make the reader realize that this can be a grave problem, the writer needs to make the use of a strong pattern of language to engage the audience in an emotional way. This will include the vocabulary that would help to create vivid imagery in the minds of the people reading your essay. Lastly, you can always ask others to write my essay at affordable rates.

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