Guidelines to Format a Research Proposal

Research projects are to be initiated with great care, which is maintained by both the researcher and the committee approving it. There are several stages involved before starting your research project. Such as searching for the area in which you think there is a gap present which you can use to carry out your research. An area whether that is engineering or political science etc is quite vast and diverse. After selecting an area, there is a need to select a specific discipline within that area. That in case of engineering as an area can be, let’s say industrial engineering or chemical engineering or any other discipline of engineering. Then within that specific discipline, you need to decide what topic I should pick to carry out my research. All these decisions should be made keeping in mind the scope of the project and your interest in that very area or topic. It has been noticed that students, even before deciding their topic, start thinking about how to start an essay. There is a need to first decide what you are going to do in your essay or project or research before thinking of starting your writeup.

A research proposal is a very sensitive and important part of the application process of your research project. This is the part that will depict what you are going to achieve in your research project. That is why it is suggested that the proposal should be designed and written with great care, and the essay writer or researcher needs to think of and answer all critical factors involved in the topic. This will help your proposal stand out and will further help the reader understand your research more clearly by answering all his/her technical questions. Most of the students face difficulties in formatting the research proposal or in organizing its elements in the incorrect order. In your proposal, every statement, every element should be connected with the one before it and the one after it. This is necessary to maintain coherence and association between different points or ideas of the proposal. Usually, general formats of every type of paper or proposal are present and it is just required to follow that format and start writing accordingly. Sometimes, a specific new format is required to be followed or you can ask others to write my paper.

A general format of research proposal involves:

  1. Abstract
  2. Problem statement
  3. Objectives
  4. Problem background
  5. Research methodology
  6. Expected outcomes
  7. References

This is the basic format used for writing a research proposal. However, this format can be modified based on the types of research. In case you still need help, consult a paper writing service to help you professionally.

For example, if you aim at highlighting the research work or studies carried out by different authors and researchers so you can add another section with the name ‘literature review’. In this section, you can highlight relevant work carried out by different authors on the same topic. This will help you identify the research gap. Moreover, to show your project as useful research in that specific area, you can relate it to factors that hold interest. For example, if your project aims at developing a new manufacturing process, you can increase its value by showing how this process will contribute to protect the environment or how it will lead to less utilization of energy.

Most of the students format their research proposals after completing the writeup which is a completely wrong way of getting through work. They used to do it for their ease, but it leads to a lack of coherence and association between topics. A format helps you to appeal to your audience. You can write successfully with the use of the format. Students can take help from different services available, such as the essay writing service, which is specifically designed to help students write outstanding essays and other forms of writings.

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