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An argumentative essay is defined as an essay that is written to come up with the evolution of a stance or to prove a position against something. It is one of the most common yet complex essay types as it is the ability of the essay writer to come up with an argument that is worth considering and supported by relevant details. Almost all academic positions and the standards require some sort of excellence in an argumentative essay, taking into account that different citation styles are required at different institutions. You can find a number of argumentative essay examples that are available online. In order to help with citations and the formation of argumentative essays, I am going to share an argumentative essay sample or you can ask others to write my essay.

Let’s suppose you are given the task to write about “gun control”. You will follow the following format.


In this paragraph, you are required to introduce the topic. Gun control refers to the penalties and the restrictions that are imposed on the citizen with an aim to maintain peace. It is more like an approach that can help citizens to be aware of the use of weapons in public places. The background of usage of guns can be traced back to the history of mankind where the caveman used weapons to ensure self-safety. In a number of cases, self-safety can turn out to be a violent act and it can hamper the community guidelines and it can turn out to be a huge mark on the peace initiatives. In the present time, gun control is a must because with ease of approach everyone has access to weapons and it can be a threatening act. In case you need help, you can ask a paper writing service to write your introduction.


In the discussion section, you have to emphasize the point. It is highlighted that gun control should be empowered to promote peace in society. It is one of the best approaches that can help police to maintain check and balance and ensure that every human being is living with peace. Gun control can facilitate teenagers who think that guns are necessary to build a social profile and communicate self-safety.

Gun control is important to maintain the regulation of power. If people are encouraged to keep weapons, then the responsibility of the police will be reduced and they will not take their responsibility seriously. It can also lead to issues with the accurate use of weapons. The more people will use weapons, there will be less social connectivity because people will be afraid of each other. In the same way, gun control is important to regulate peace where police should be considered as the only authority that is allowed to use weapons when accurate.

These are two points that can help you develop an argument in favor of gun control. You can also come up with the opposite of this stance if you think that your points are strong enough.


In this section, you are required to conclude the essay. It is highlighted that gun control is important because it will not only help to restore peace in the society but it is also one of the best options that can help to incorporate a practical approach to social connectivity. In a nutshell, gun control is a reformative approach that can help to maintain peace, social connectivity, and welfare in society.

In the end, you are required to cite the resources that will strictly follow the Harvard style of referencing. The in-text citations should have the name of the author, page number of the year while the references will also include the title in italics. You can use different citation generators to add citations.

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