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Essay writing is one of the arts that someone cannot command until multiple assessments and practice exercises are completed with perfection. It is one of the reasons that many students who, despite being very good at communication skills and writing skills, cannot write a good essay, which leads to the deduction of marks. Well, there is one simple solution to this problem, and it is to hire a “ write my paper” service. If you have an essay writer, he will help you complete all the tasks and essays with perfection.

In addition to writing services, there is another option that you can avail of. You can consult different guides and tutorials available on the internet that can help you learn the required skill. For example, last night, I read a guide on the Synthesis essay, and it was very simple and understandable. Based on my experience, I will share some techniques that can help you synthesize sources in the synthesis essay.

  1. Make sure you read all the sources that you are going to use in your essay. It helps the essay writer connect ideas in the essay because synthesis is all about the bulk of information generated by consulting different sources. Also, while choosing articles, make sure that all the sources are credible and authentic.
  2. Create a rough draft that can help you with the critical evaluation of the resources and the synthesis of ideas that you have collected for your essay. You should read sources to have a clear understanding of the topic. Only then will you be able to write about the articles or the ideas. Try to arrange the article in a sequence so that all the ideas seem interconnected. You can follow chronological sequences for the ideas and the year of publication to help you with the series of information to be added.
  3. Don't add a bulk of information. Instead, try to organize the information in the form of paragraphs, as it will help you with the organization of the essay. The ideas should be arranged so that each paragraph should discuss one idea, and the other paragraph should follow the essence.
  4. Always cite the sources that you have used. Try to add a comment or a mark that can help you with an in-text citation. If you have not planned to add a quotation, I suggest you add at least two as it leaves a very scholarly impact on the readers and examiners. If you are unaware of referencing format, then use a “ write essay for me” service or read the guidelines further.
  5. The resources should be cited according to the required style, i.e., APA or MLA. While writing a quotation, if it is more than 24 words, you should write it in block formatting as it will help to differentiate the quotation from the rest of the paper.
  6. Always list all the references at the end of the paper. Make sure to run your work through a grammar checker application or tool, as it will make your text readable and free of errors. You should proofread your text yourself, or you can ask one of your friends to do it for you.

Start synthesizing sources for your essay now. Otherwise, you can consult a writing service also. You might be thinking it would be a complex task to have someone who can work for you? It is not that expensive and difficult as you think because you can find a paper writing service without any problem and they will make sure all your tasks are completed with perfection and with the best of skills.

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