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There are different types of essays and throughout our academic sessions, we are trained to write these different forms of essays. During our secondary and higher secondary education, we are introduced to writing comparison and contrast essays. This compare and contrast essay is a bit different form of an essay where an essay writer is asked to compare and contrast any phenomenon. Students often find this a challenging academic activity but if written through following a proper academic approach, this comparison and contrast essay is not a difficult academic activity. If you are stuck with a similar task, you need to ponder over when it's starting, and the rest of your essay will not become much unnerving for you or you can ask others to write my essay.

Analyze and ponder over the topics at hand thoroughly

For writing a comparison and contrast essay, you will be provided with two topics. Generally, the two topics have a similar outlook and therefore, you will first thoroughly examine the topics. This examination will consider each aspect presented in the topic or what you otherwise know about that. Make your analysis impartial and pretend that you had a very finite knowledge about these topics before. Pondering over the topics will bring in front different interesting things as well. Now you have enough material to start your comparison and contrast essay. Just give this a read very attentively.

Make a list of the common aspects

Now when you have considerable knowledge of the two topics, you need to make a list of the common aspects that exist between them. This list should not be much larger rather make it short and add things that you can explain easily. The aspects you are enlisting here will help you write a comparison paragraph. You will be selecting similar features based on their relationship with the overall topic. Remember some students try to develop a contrast paragraph based on similar features, but this is not the right manner, you will have to avoid this.

Look after the contrast aspects

Now when you have analyzed the similar features, it is your turn to enlist the contrasting aspects. Unlike the previous exercise, you will be enlisting the different features here. These different features must appear dissimilar in the topics you are analyzing. You should remember that the uncommon aspects cannot be drawn, based on entirely unlike aspects, rather you may write the different things that are still common, like color and shape etcetera. Often writing this becomes different for students and they seek assistance from a paper writing service. These essay writing services make their task easier and chalking out the dissimilar aspects becomes much easier for them.

Write your comparison in a few lines

Finally, when you have a clear idea about similar things, you need to introduce them to your paragraph. After introducing your topic, you will write about similar aspects and be focused that you are not making this in a hurry. These introductory lines will leave an impression on the readers so be focused that you are not writing anything that you haven’t found substantial.

Draw contrast analysis in three or four lines

Finally, at the start of the comparison and contrast essay, you will pen down the different features. While mentioning the different features focus on the aspects that you really found different. These will be the last tines of your introduction and if you will mention anything unnecessary, this may ruin your complete effort.

You just need to focus on these steps as they are crucial and important for starting the compare and contrast essay. If you are still confused, get help from an essay writing service to do it for you.

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