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Writing funny is so much harder than acting funny. So much of humor relies on pragmatics, but in writing, all you’ve got working for you are words, maybe a pen and paper, or, more usually, a keyboard and screen. Humor that slightly pokes fun at the topic you are focusing on, is a great way to go when trying to add a little humorous piece in your academic essay. But it is a good thing to make sure that your paper actually calls for it.

The subtle use of humor can ease tension if you are writing an academic essay on a serious topic. It can also help you grab the reader's attention and make points in creative ways. Of course, using humor can feel risky because you don't want to lose your audience, offend anyone, or be charged with humor harassment. You should constantly develop your humor skills if you want to get rid of monotony in your writing.

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Exploit Vocabulary: Making people laugh with your writing is way more difficult than making them laugh in person, as you don’t have gestures or comedic timing by your side anymore. Instead, you should exploit vocabulary and sentence structure to catch your audience off guard. Humour doesn’t imbue your writing overnight, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t nail it the first time. Most of the time, using more comedic/sarcastic synonyms for words is what makes or breaks a joke.

Modify your viewpoint on the topic: When you are writing something on a topic, just attempt to alter your perception on the topic. For example, if you write a narrative essay on your college life, just think about a couple of things that frustrate you in your workplace and try to relate them with something which sounds funny.

Alter sentence structure: You should also alter the sentence structure in a way so that the jokes or allusions you make catch people off guard. A great example of this is Joseph Heller’s Catch-22. It’s a book that’s astonishingly accurate yet makes you suffocate from laughing every two sentences

Use the first person or narrate a humorous story briefly: As much as possible try to include a first-person narrative or account of a story – of course, in the context of your topic – or take on an event or life incident. Not only does it give the readers the actual background info but also makes the essay writer look interesting and involved.

Tone and pauses: Opposite tone, the correct pauses, and a way of saying it, all add to the humor factor. I bet you if you just read your favorite comedian’s joke subtracting their personal touches, way of presenting it, and overall personality, it would seem drab as heck.

Base your humor on references: Base all of your humor on references that your readers are well aware of. Do not let your readers think that you are just beating around the bush.

Quotes and Transitional phrases: Use modern quotes that make you laugh (not just 'funny quotes'). Additionally, you should craft some more interesting transitional phrases.

Quoting your favorite comedian or comical conclusion: You can add life to your academic paper by quoting your favorite comedian or coming to a comical conclusion about a subject after studying it.

Academic writing and humor can seem to be two unrelated things from first sight. There aren't even any studies that have investigated the potential role that humor might play in academic writing. But still, you are allowed to slip some humor into your academic paper as long as you are extremely careful not to change the meanings. In fact, you can take advantage of an essay writing service to add a touch of humor into your papers, if you’re finding it difficult to do so.

I am deeply convinced that the effective use of humor can not only enhance your work but can make the act of academic writing more enjoyable and engaging, too.

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