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Essay writing skills cannot be obtained in days. It takes time and practice to point out your mistakes and improve them. Every time you write an essay you will find several mistakes in it. These mistakes can be grammar, format, sentence length, or content-based. However, there is no need to lose your self-esteem or underestimate yourself as you have the power to overcome your weaknesses.

In this article, we will talk about major mistakes that students make and you will find their possible solutions. If you don’t want to make mistakes in your next essay then make sure that an essay writer reads the complete article.

Practice Grammar and Punctuation

The first tip to avoid mistakes in essay writing is to take care of grammar and punctuation. For essay information and content matters but what matters most is that your content should be understandable free from grammatical mistakes. To avoid this mistake revise all-important rules of grammar and punctuation. Practice a lot and write different essays as practice.

Another way to avoid this mistake is to take help from a person who is good at literature. Ask that person to highlight your mistakes in the essay and teach you about them. But if you can’t take help from anyone then use different tools developed for grammar improvement. There are various tools that can help you with grammar and punctuation. Also, some applications omit all grammatical mistakes from your essay. You should start using these online tools to improve your essay writing.

Improve Sentence Fragments

Students often get confused while writing their essays. They search and collect good data but when it comes to writing their words become confusing for the readers. The big issue here is the sentence fragments. I also made this mistake several times when I used to write my essay for me. Students write long and confusing sentences that reduce the quality of the essay. Therefore, avoid this mistake in your essay.

For this, you should choose the correct length of the sentence. Whenever you try to write information ask yourself how briefly you can explain it. After getting an answer write your point in the essay. Secondly, check the length of all the sentences and if all the sentences are long then break them. Also, if you are writing too small sentences then try to join them to select an appropriate length of the sentences. Lastly, use strong but appropriate words to make your essay precise and concise.

Organize Your Content

This is the third yet most common mistake that students make. Students don’t know how to break their content in a well-structured manner. Some students make too many long paragraphs that result in a mess while some students make so many small paragraphs that also look messy. It means you should carefully divide your essay into paragraphs.

The best solution for this problem is to stick to your thesis statement. Consider your main argument and develop sub-arguments to prove it. Now use one sub-argument for one paragraph only and use others in the next paragraphs. In this way, you can cover your content logically. Also, there will be a complete transition between the paragraphs. If you need help, consult an essay writing service now.


To avoid major mistakes we recommend you to read your instructions and rubric carefully. Consider each instruction and make sure that you have covered it in the essay. For example, you used the correct topic, argument, format, tone, and language for the essay. Also, cover the elements of the rubric as your grades entirely depend on your essay rubric. If you are confused regarding instruction then don’t hesitate to ask queries from your teacher.

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