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Writing an essay or research paper poses various challenges. It can be the issues faced in gathering literature, searching for authentic reference, or even writing the struggle continues. However, you must have noticed that despite turning in an essay that is well-written and well-researched you will end up getting lower grades. If you are still not aware of the reason, then let me help you. Plagiarism is the reason that you are getting lower grades.

Defining Plagiarism

Wondering what plagiarism is? The term plagiarism is referred to as the unethical usage of someone else's words or ideas either without taking permission or giving credit to them. Although, you may find various articles online that you can access without restrictions. But if you do not give the proper acknowledgment to the author of the article then your work will be considered as a crime.

Plagiarism may be unintentional but it can sometimes involve deliberately stealing someone else’s work. Whatever the case is many institutes have strict rules regarding plagiarism and they even expel students.

Do you want to get expelled for something that you can avoid? Of course not. If an essay writer is looking for tips on how to avoid plagiarism, then you are in the right place.

Below are a few tips that may help you out if you are struggling to reduce plagiarism or want to avoid it in the first place. So let’s get started.

Understand the context

Do not copy-paste the content from the source that you have selected rather rephrase it. You can simply read the content and try to grasp the main idea. After understanding the content now write it in your own words. See it is not that difficult. Isn’t it?

Paraphrasing the content

When you are writing an essay or even a research paper you need to add data from sources to support your claim. However, you cannot simply copy the content. So in this situation, you need to paraphrase. By paraphrasing, I mean that you use the information from the source and then write it in your own words without changing its actual meaning.

Remember! you got to be extremely careful while paraphrasing since even the slightest similarity can make your content plagiarized.

Tip: Do not go over the board by using synonyms to avoid plagiarism since it can confuse the reader and they may lose interest. Paraphrase smartly by using simple words and stick to the main idea of the content.


Want to use the definition of something or wanted to state facts that you cannot change or rephrase? Then do not worry. You can still avoid plagiarism by using the quotes smartly. The first and foremost important thing is to try rephrasing as much as you can if there is a fact or dialogues from the play then try using small quotes and then explain them. This way you can avoid plagiarism.

Don’t forget to cite the quote as well. You need to mention the author ’s name along with any other details such as publication date or the page number from where you are using the sources.

Keeping a track of your sources

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes that students make. While writing an essay make sure that you cite the sources as well. If you want to cite them all in the end, then make a list of all the sources from which you are taking data in a sequence so that in the end you won’t have to face the trouble of searching them again.

Make a reference list

Giving credit to the author of the source that you are using is a must. But sometimes the readers want to know more about the information that you have used in your essay. A reference list, in the end, will help them a lot since they can track the source via reference number.

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