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Math sucks! Does solving math problems give you a headache? Do you hate math? Do you hate the person who invented mathematics? Well, you are not alone, every other student hates math. Hating math or the person who invented it won’t do you any good. You can get rid of math. You would have to study it, either you hate it or love it. So better make your peace with it and try to be good at it.

But how to be good at math? Well, I was no different than you, I used to hate math too. But one day I anxiously asked the same question of how to be good at math from my math instructor. You might not like the answer he gave, but still, I didn’t mind it. He actually made me realize that there is no way on earth you can get rid of the subject so you have to do it. He said put in some hard work and you will get the results with time. And believe me when I say that it changed my life. Not to brag but solving math problems became a fun activity for me. Now, I am able to solve all kinds of math problems both number-based or word problems.

  • Practicing math: Many of the students complain that they have been reading math all day but still fail in exams. Well, math is not to memorize, it is to practice and understand. To get better at math, an essay writer or student needs to practice the questions over and over again.
    • Get rid of distractions: Solving math problems need a lot of concentration and focus. Therefore, you should sit in a distraction-free environment for your math practice.
    • Practice each day: It is like your favorite sport. Like you practice soccer every day, you have to practice math every day to get better. Instead of practicing math for a whole day at the weekend, you should give an hour to math every day.
    • Enjoy the practice sessions: Like you enjoy your football practice sessions, you should also enjoy practicing math. You can find music that helps you concentrate and you can enjoy listening to music while solving math problems.
    • Learn the logic and break the process into steps: Math problems are solved in a sequenced way. Therefore, instead of memorizing the concepts, you should understand how one step leads to another. And before you know it you would have solved the problem by following small steps.
    • Review incorrect answers patiently: One thing that is keeping many of the students for getting good at math is that they quickly get frustrated when they find out that their answer is wrong. Well, you must not make that mistake, you should carefully review your process, every step, to find out where you made the mistake. Then try to avoid it in the next problem.
  • Get help and advice: NO learns to solve math problems on their own. You should feel any embarrassment in asking someone to help you with math.
    • Find a person who is good at math and ask them to review your work. You can ask your class fellow, your elder brother, or parent whoever is good at math.
    • Get help from your instructor or math resource center at your school. Do not feel any hesitation in approaching your instructor. They are probably the best source you could get help from. Teachers are always ready to help their students who are struggling with their subjects.
    • Consider hiring a tutor if you think that you need some extra attention. A good math tutor could help you understand problem-solving in various ways.
  • Cultivate a positive mindset: Many of the students are not as bad at math as bad they consider themselves. Their self-sabotaging attitude is killing whatever skills they have. To get good at math you should start believing in yourself.

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