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What is a synthesis essay?

A synthesis essay is written by collecting material from different sources and then compiling it to form one document. Different sources are used in this type of essay to explain the topic better by relating and connecting it with other concepts. Synthesis essays can be difficult to write for school and college students.

The main purpose of writing this type of essay at the school/college level is to demonstrate that one can deal with difficult concepts and extensive research. The essay writer has to make sure that they explain their topic with details and examples from their sources. The common mistakes while writing a synthesis essay show that writers only summarize the themes of the sources and think that their work is done. Along with the themes, the writer has to connect their topic to the sources to ensure that the reader understands what the essay writer is talking about or you can ask others to write my paper.

Why is it important to write an outline before starting your synthesis essay?

To write a quality essay, one should ensure to make a good synthesis essay outline that improves the structure and composition of the essay. The outline also enables people to develop the idea of the essay and then work on it step by step. By taking the time out for writing a perfect outline, the essay is well written and more interesting for the reader. The synthesis outline and synthesis essay can be written in various formats but most of the writers prefer using APA or MLA formats for these outlines. The outline also eliminates the danger of forgetting a good idea or a point as the writer has all the material in a written form.

How to organize your synthesis essay?

The thesis statement of the synthesis essay plays an important part in explaining to the reader what the writer will be talking about further in the essay. It is also necessary to follow a set format for essays and in the case of a synthesis essay the writer has to be with a strong and descriptive introduction of the topic.


The introduction should be elaborative with a strong thesis statement at the end. This enables the audience to get an idea about the essay and also develops their interest. The introduction should also contain a little background about the topic to make it more catchy and engaging for the audience.

Each body paragraph should have a separate theme.

The writer needs to ensure that each paragraph of the synthesis essay explains and addresses a different theme. The important themes should be discussed first so that the reader knows the importance of those themes. The writer should also make sure that the sources are not summarized only in the body paragraphs as in a sophisticated essay proper details are provided for the reader. Each of the paragraphs should contain information from more than one source so that links and connections between sources can be developed and the reader can easily understand the topic. Lastly, each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence that explains the gist of the paragraph and gives a professional look to the paper.


For the conclusion of your synthesis essay, it is important to list all the major themes discussed in the paper and mention the links and connections you have developed between these different themes. The main focus, in conclusion, should be on the relationship between the themes and your topic.

Following all the steps mentioned above can help students write an outstanding synthesis. Apart from these points, the writer should also focus on useful vocabulary, sentence structure, and appropriate grammar in the essay.

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