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Are you procrastinating on your work? And, most importantly, are you procrastinating because you have no idea what to do? Well, I can’t say you are alone.

Oh no, this tends to happen a lot. Especially, when an essay writer has to deal with a thesis or its outline. The problem is that most students have no clue how to write an outline let alone a thesis. So, you just procrastinate.

But, not anymore.

Once I tell you how to write an outline for your thesis, you won't be worrying at all. Pay close attention. Because I am here to save your day.

Step 1: Introduction

An introduction is simple. All you have to do is describe the larger issue to the reader. Tell them what exactly it is that you are going to talk about.

You are not discussing your thesis here. Only the background or context of your thesis problem.

You are preparing the reader for your problem.

Step 2: Literature Review

Here you will talk about some of the research that you have come across. You will tell how the previous researchers dealt with this issue.

Focus on only the sources you have found and nothing else.

Talk about the research that is already present. This research must be based on journal articles, academic papers, and some authentic websites.

But, mostly journal articles.

Step 3: Thesis

Now, this is where you come in. You have to talk about how your thesis will be important to the problem that you have described. You will tell about your contributions to this area by telling the reader about the work that you have done in this field.

What is it that you are really bringing to light? How does it help solve the issue?

Step 4: Methods

The methods section of your paper will tell your reader about the methodology used to get results. So, if you did interviews then mention them here. Then mention how you analyzed the responses of the participants.

Basically, you need to tell exactly how you arrived at your results.

Step 5: Results

Here, you finally get to talk about your results. So, you will talk about exactly what you found out because of your research. The outcomes and everything that you have observed or concluded using the methods mentioned above will come in this portion.

All of your findings go here.

Step 6: Discussion

Once you have mentioned your results, try to evaluate them. Look at your findings from different angles. Try to discuss why exactly they are so significant. You have to do a thorough analysis of your findings. You must look at your results and think of the deeper meaning behind them.

Don’t just focus on the conclusion, look beyond that.

Step 7: Conclusion

This one is rather simple. Just sum up your research in this section and talk about how you contributed to the issue at hand. You need to discuss how your results are important in this area of research and that’s it

Your outline is done.

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