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Every student wants to write an outstanding college essay but most of these students do not know where to begin. To them, I say that start by creating an outline of your essay. On the other hand, many students just write down whatever comes to their head in their essays and submit it straight away.

Are you thinking of skipping the outline? Stop dude, you are going to commit a major mistake that would keep you from entering the corridors of your dream college. I suggest you outline your essay before writing it. An outline would not only help an essay writer to kick start the process of college essay writing but would also save a lot of the time in the long run. Moreover, it helps you create a well-organized and structured essay.

How to outline my college essay?

I am glad that you have chosen to create an outline for your essay.

Before you begin outlining your essay you should know that a college essay is no different from your usual essays. Like other essays, it also has three parts:

  • Introduction: You should begin the introduction of your essay with a bang. Think of an anecdote that is relevant to the essay topic, or a relevant joke. You can also use a strong statement or some unbelievable facts as a hook statement. After writing a hook statement you should give an overview of the essay and end it with a clear and concise thesis statement.
  • Body: In the body of your essay, you would elaborate on the thesis statement. You would discuss one argument in one paragraph and must provide supporting details for your arguments. In outline, write the topic sentences for the body paragraphs and the supporting sub-points.
  • Conclusion: In conclusion, you should reiterate the thesis statement and all the main points that you discussed in the body paragraphs. You should end your essay with an interesting sentence that can correspond to the anecdote, joke, fact, or claim that you discussed in the introduction. Remember! You can always take the help of a custom college essay writing service provider to write an amazing essay for you. It is always a better option than risking your future. However, if you want to write it yourself, you should keep the above-mentioned three parts of an essay in your mind while creating the outline of your college essay.

A college essay outline can have various outlines but the outline of a usual five-paragraph college essay is like this:

  1. Introduction
    1. Hook statement that would grab the attention of the admission officer
    2. Overview of the essay
    3. A clear and concise thesis statement that you would elaborate on throughout your essay
  2. Body
    1. First Paragraph
      1. State the most important argument/claim
      2. Data supporting the main argument (examples, data, researched facts, etc.)
      3. Interlinking them with the thesis statement
      4. Conclusion
    2. Second Paragraph
      1. Main argument
      2. Supporting details
      3. How they support your thesis statement
      4. Conclusion
    3. Third Paragraph
    4. In this paragraph, you can either write another argument supporting your thesis statement following the same pattern as the above two body paragraphs, or you can present a counter-argument in this paragraph. If you decide to write a counterargument, here is how you gonna do it:

      1. Main counterargument
      2. Details supporting the counterargument
      3. Details invalidating the counterargument
      4. Explain how is it related to your thesis statement
  3. Conclusion
    1. Reiterate and reemphasize the thesis statement
    2. Summarize all the main points that you discussed in your essay
    3. Explain how they support your thesis statement
    4. You might want to end it with an anecdote corresponding to the one that you share in the introduction. Or you can also end it with a call to an action

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