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Thesis Statement. This is the one phrase that brings horror into the minds of college students. No matter how skilled we may be, constructing a thesis statement is still a rather painful process.

This is really because most beginners or sometimes even an experienced essay writer don’t know exactly how to draft a thesis statement or what to write in it.

Most of the time, our professors reject our essays and papers, merely because they do not like the thesis and we simply cannot understand why.

Well, I am here to take your troubles away for good.

Let us have a look at how you can write a good thesis statement that will surely impress your professors.

Step 1: Pick one side

While writing your statement, do be very careful about the topic you are discussing. When you construct your thesis statement, you must be very clear on which side of the problem you are discussing. In most cases, there are multiple sides to a topic.

You need to narrow down your topic to make it very specific. Be sure to state what side you are on so that there are no confusions.

When you have picked a clear side, it will help you in constructing your essay or paper.

Hence, clarity is crucial.

Step 2: Be clear and precise

Apart from picking a clear side to support, it is also important that the wording of your thesis is very clear. Most students try to use humongous words that are a mouthful, even for a professor.

While this may seem like a good idea, it can make your thesis sound muddy.

If your main point is not clear then there is really not much point to the rest of your essay.

So do be careful with your wording.

Step 3: Find supporting arguments

In most cases, a thesis statement does include the arguments that will support your main point.

Usually, these arguments include the reasons that explain your main point.

For example, climate change is a serious issue due to the rise in sea levels, rising temperatures, and longer periods of droughts.

In this example, the severity of climate change is the main thesis while the three separate issues of sea levels, temperatures, and droughts serve to support the main point.

Step 4: Look for more than one supporting argument

This is a crucial step in making a good thesis statement. An essay or paper cannot be written with only one supporting argument.

In high school, students are taught the five-paragraph rule in which three paragraphs serve as body paragraphs. These paragraphs discuss three separate supporting arguments.

This is generally a good way to construct an essay and hence the thesis statement which is based on this structure as well.

So, try to look for at least three supporting arguments.

Bonus Step: Include the thesis at the end of the introduction

While this is a general rule, it is still ignored by many students which usually ends up affecting their grade.

A thesis statement must always be at the end of the introductory paragraph. You should write an introduction that presents the topic and then make your claim at the end.

So, get started right away!

Follow the steps that I have mentioned and try to come up with some innovative thesis statements on your own.

Don’t worry if you struggle a bit in the beginning, you will soon get the hang of it. You just need a bit of practice. So, start practicing this instant.

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