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Formatting is key when it comes to writing a research essay. There is a complete subject that only deals with the formatting and citation styles in research. However, it is only taught to college students and there is no proper platform for high school students. They have many other means to learn such guidelines and this post is one of many. The formatting of a research essay varies depending upon citation style. Every style differs in terms of the first and second stage heading followed by quotation style.

If you ever wondered how to write my paper that could impress strict college professors, then you’ve stumbled upon the right place because here you would be able to know everything about the formatting of a research essay. You just need to follow certain rules within a citation style as you cannot switch from one citation to another. You need to follow one formatting style from top to bottom to craft and present your paper coherently. Typically, a research essay includes a title page, abstract, body (it may also include headings, subheadings, in-text citation), conclusion, and reference page. I am writing down some simple points by following these you can format your essay.

Guidelines to format a research essay

Title Page

It is the first important part of your research essay. It should include information about your paper with a precise title. Your title should be short so do not write a complete sentence. You should also write your name followed by your institution name and affiliation. The header should be in capitalized letters followed by page numbers. You can use multiple options from MS Word to choose a header style.


It should be the second page of your research essay that provides a summary of your findings. There should be a clear distinction between the abstract and the introduction paragraph. You do not need to write everything in an abstract paragraph, it should be concise enough to write within 150 words. You can also summarize your research questions in this part with an objective and impersonal style. For me, it was a little tricky so I decided to look for a professional writer to write essay for me and help me to complete the assignment. The model papers they provided personally helped me make good improvements until I was able to write a decent paper by myself.

Margins and Pagination

You need to follow a designated format like heading style, pagination, and margins within the body of the paper as follows:

  • Your margin for all pages should be set up to one inch from the top, bottom, and both sides.
  • Every academic document is written by using a double-spaced option.
  • You should use a standard font like Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri, in a legible size of 12 points.
  • Every page number should appear in the header section from the title page to the reference section.
  • Section and subsection headings should be clearly distinctive with the use of the tab option. The selection of headings depends on the level of information you are presenting in your research essay. A good essay writer will help you in writing the essay.


The use of headings is very important if you are presenting complex information. It also depends on the length of your research essay. Headings can be divided into subsections and sub-sub sections and so on, it also depends on the information that you want to include. If you face a challenge in this part then make sure to get academic guidance from a professional paper writing service for incorporating headings. The heading format in APA citation should follow the following sequence.

  • For section heading, you should use the title case with capitalized words.
  • The subsection heading should be left-aligned with boldface type.
  • The third level heading should also be boldface with left-alignment. Use capital letters only for the first word and end it with a period.
  • The fourth level heading would follow the same space level, but it should be written in Italic with boldface.
  • The fifth level heading would only be italicized and not boldfaced.

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