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Have you been thinking of hiring a “ write my paper” service to help with your writing assignments? Do you think that online writing services are fake? Are you afraid of being scammed? Well, your fear of being scammed is quite understandable. However, in recent years with the growing demand for essay writing services, hundreds of websites offering essay writing help have also come to the fore.

The problem is that many of the essay writing services are fake. They scam students for their money. This does not mean that you should not hire a paper writing service out of fear of being scammed. You just need to be a little more cautious while hiring one. Before paying money, you need to make sure that there is nothing dodgy about the website.

One cannot even think of passing college without having good writing skills. Throughout the years of college education, students have to write scores of essays. Therefore, one needs to be a good essay writer to get good grades. However, not everyone is a good essay writer. Therefore, many students think of taking help from online writing services. They use the professionally written sample essay to get started and write a stellar essay of their own.

If you are going to hire an essay writing service for the first time, here are some tips that you can use to identify a fake essay writing service from a genuine one:

Instant delivery

There are many essay writing services that are offering instant delivery of a plagiarism-free essay on any topic. You should never buy such an essay. If they have a ready-made essay, it means that it has already been used. It would only get you in trouble. If any website is offering instant delivery, should swerve away from it.

Too cheap

Professional essay writers have years of experience and professional degrees. However, their services are not cheap. Therefore, if a website offers an essay at a very cheap rate, you should know that there might be something fishy about it. Moreover, you should also stay away from websites that start offering discounts and negotiating the price. You should know that they are trying to scam you. Professional and legit essay writing websites have a fixed rate that is reasonable but not cheap.

Check out reviews

Before placing your order, you must look at the reviews of people who have used their services. However, many websites buy fake reviews. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious. For example, if reviews sound like an advertisement and all positive with five stars, you should know that they are fake.

Policy about revisions

You should only hire a service that offers unlimited revisions for free. This means that they will keep catering to your concerns until you are satisfied. Otherwise, they could provide a bad essay and then later ask for more money when you ask them to revise the essay. You should also ask if they would be proofreading your document.

Ask if they provide a plagiarism report

Many of the websites offer free plagiarism reports with the order. However, they do not tell the clients that they are offering their plagiarism checker, which is mostly not credible. Therefore, before hiring a service, you should ask if they will be providing a plagiarism report of a credible checker, i.e., Turnitin.

Use their free services to check their credibility

Many “ write essay for me” services offer free essay writing services for minor tasks such as proofreading and outline of essays, etc. if you are having doubts about the legitimacy of the service, you can ask them to provide a list of a few new motivational speech topics or outline of an essay. If they can provide professional help with such tasks, you should hire them.

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