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It is a moment of joy for students who managed to graduate from high school with good grades. It is the first step towards their academic and professional career growth. They indeed face many challenges in high school in the form of lengthy assignments with short deadline. Sometimes it can become depressing and students often face anxiety issues. But the end result is very promising, a success that would last with you for the rest of your life. Yes, if you work hard and smart in high school you would enjoy its benefits for the rest of your life.

After high school, the next crucial step is to take admission to college. There are many prerequisites to get admission to college. Sometimes it can be difficult to secure admission due to immense competition. For securing a college admission one thing matters the most and it is a personal statement along with other documents. It is very crucial for your college admission and supports your admission application. Whether you are enrolling in a college or university you need to write a personal statement.

In simple words, you can say that this statement supports your college admission application. This statement is an opportunity for you to sell yourself the better you do it, there are most chances for you to get admission. I do not want to be superficial here so to some extent you can say that not your future but your admission depends on this statement. So you should make it comprehensive, catchy, and appealing for the reader. I am writing down some important tips. By following these you can write a very catchy personal statement or you can ask others to write my essay.

Tips to make a personal statement catchy

Make the first draft

A good statement always starts from a rough or first draft. It will help you to organize your ideas accordingly. Make sure to keep your first draft simple as in this case you do not have to make a lot of changes to it.

Limitation of characters

Every college and university has different criteria or limitations for characters. The number may vary from 3500 characters to 7000, you should know that characters do not mean words. The word limit would be a lot lower like 600-900 words. You have to complete your statement within this limit otherwise you may lose the reader’s interest.

Be precise and concise

The nature of personal statements is different depending upon their requirements i.e. in the case of university or college. In around 700 words you have to summarize your previous life and achievements with future goals. It could be pretty tough as it is simply impossible to do it. That is why you must be precise and concise.

Take your time/sit and think

You mustn't rush to write your statement as it would bring nothing good to you. You cannot write a perfect statement within a few hours or even days. It might take a few weeks for the statement to emerge on a piece of paper from your brain. If you do not feel like it then you should take a break for a few days and come back to it with fresh ideas.

Think out of the box

Indeed, it is very difficult to write a good personal statement if you feel it is not just your domain to write. Then you should think of contacting a professional essay writer to write your statement. It can be very beneficial if you managed to get admission to a college or university. A professional essay writing service can also provide you with a perfect personal statement. It is an effective option, if you think you can follow and apply these tips then you should write your statement.

Focus on your strengths

It is very important that the college committee should know your strengths and only strengths. You can mention your previous knowledge, experiences, and plans for the future. It is very important that you should focus on your positive sides and mention them in your statement. Do not write anything negative like 'once I started to learn French but I gave up after a month.’

Perfect opening sentence

You should start with something interesting, funny, or surprising. Your statement would automatically catch the reader's attention. Make sure that you do not include your personal jocks and try to remain attached to the facts.

Honesty is the best policy

Your statement is not just a statement rather it is your academic, moral, and psychological evaluation too. Do not write anything which you are not as the college committee might cancel your admission based on one sentence. Do not create your false image because the truth about you would always come out sooner or later.

Make it your voice

Your statement is about yourself in which you should only present yourself as an image. Scholars have different opinions about it, one argues to read some else's statement to get an idea while the second opposes it. Both groups have their arguments of justification. The personal statement does not mean to incorporate other people's ideas. You should make your unique voice and ideas, it is the only way to write a compelling personal statement.


After completing your statement first you should read it if it does not have any mistakes then do not get surprised. Rather ask your friends, teachers, or parents to read it once. I am sure they would be able to point out some mistakes or any discrepancies. If they do, just correct them and submit them to the college admission committee. If you are still confused, hire a paper writing service now.

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