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Convincing someone is not a child’s play. The same goes for an argumentative essay, it requires convincing the reader on one side of the argument. In this type of essay, the essay writer focuses on both sides of an argument, while convincing and supporting one stance. It is not only the test of writing skills, but it also requires the student to deliberate on their research skills and analytical skills.

You must be thinking; how can you ace an argumentative essay? This is highly influenced by your choice of topic. It is true that the success of your essay stems from the strength of argument and for that the topic you select must be highly debatable.

How to choose the best topic for your argumentative essay?

There are a lot of topics in this age of political debates and economic development. Similarly, new topics for discussion are emerging every day. Generally, it is recommended to choose the most contradictory topics and defend your stance on the topic after choosing one from many others.

Sometimes topics relevant to contemporary issues are also done. Whatsoever is the topic, you must define your ideas clearly to impress the reader eventually. Also, the choice of the topic sometimes depends on the nature of the course of the assignment.

A range of primary sources can also help you in this regard. These can be:

  • Scientific magazines
  • Textbooks and books
  • Documentaries
  • Newspapers
  • Academic journals

Remember, these sources will not only help you in selecting the right topic but also in supporting your stance with solid arguments.

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Though we have a list of argumentative essay topics to ease your essay journey or you can ask others to write my essay.

Topic Suggestions:

  • Should education be free for everyone?
  • What is causing obesity in the US?
  • Are tests like SAT useful?
  • Physical education is important in the school system.
  • Sex education in schools?
  • Dieting is ineffective for health
  • Gun control laws are not helpful in reducing the crime rate
  • Public smoking should be banned
  • Death sentence should be activated in every state of America
  • Abortion should be legalized
  • Academic grading is useless
  • Exams don’t judge intelligence
  • Secondary languages are worth studying
  • Schools should offer career counseling services
  • Is golf still demanded?
  • Sale and production of tobacco must be made banned
  • Swimming is the best sport
  • Consumerism is not healthy for society
  • Hockey is a dangerous sport
  • Marketing of energetic drinks must be banned
  • Is there justice for all?
  • Cons of globalization
  • World War II could have been prevented
  • Alcohol consumption should be controlled
  • Is the US election process unbiased?
  • Is homeschooling effective?
  • E-books are effective than traditional books
  • Does age matter in relations?
  • Is black PR acceptable?
  • Abortion is not a crime
  • Self-treatment than going to the hospital
  • Cloning must be banned
  • Schools are not effective anymore

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  • What is incest?
  • NCAA: advantages and disadvantages
  • Rainforests destructions should be punished
  • Making money from art
  • Which health system is better, private, or public?
  • How do vegetarians survive?
  • How to prevent teen pregnancy
  • Special education in a normal school
  • Cooperation is better than the competition
  • Animal testing should be banned
  • Role of gender in military service
  • Taxation system should be changed
  • Are left-handed gifted
  • Can virtual relationships exist?
  • Diversity increases tension
  • Should prostitution be a lawful career?
  • Hunting animals should be banned

This list provides some amazing ideas on the topics that can go well for an argumentative essay. I would suggest that you must browse them before making a final choice. Pick something that sparks your interest or something you are familiar with to create a remarkable piece of work.

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