How to Outline a Classification Essay?

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Structuring or drafting essay outlines before formally writing an essay is the most effective and proper way of writing a good essay. But, outlining proves to be more essential and it makes the essay easier and effective when it comes to writing a Classification Essay.

Here in the following blog, an essay writer will find step-by-step guidelines on how to write outlines for the classification essay. After reading this, the majority of your problems in writing such an essay will be resolved.

First Step – Brainstorming

It is good if you already have a topic selected or assigned, but if you don’t have one, first pick up a topic. Now, you have to carry out brainstorming on the topic to plan and decide what categories and subcategories are you going to make in your essay and what things and information you’ll need to put in. After brainstorming, it is recommended to carry out proper research to collect and make ready the required information and resources relevant to the topic. Making a rough draft of all the information and planning is a good way that helps to write a classification essay easily.

Introduction & Thesis Statement

When you have already done brainstorming and goal-setting, now it’s time to begin writing your outlines. The very first heading you’ll have for your essay will be the Introduction and Thesis Statement. The introduction comprises some background information and context of the main and sub-topics along with a thesis statement or claim placed somewhere in the middle or at the end of the introductory paragraph.

Body Paragraphs – Categories

The most important step in writing outlines is to structure the body paragraphs with headings and subheadings. Do not rush in writing your essay, rather take help from a classification essay outline and make your essay outline first. Your entire essay will be based on this outline, so this has to be perfect and according to the topic demands.

The headings and subheadings can be made according to the categories you have decided to make on the topic as well as considering the required number of paragraphs and length of the essay. Using headings, sub-headings, and bulleted lists or points add to the beauty and authenticity of the essay. An essay written with such a structure that has been made with a properly structured outline turns to be a top-notch one in the end. A complete sample or general outline structure will be given below at the end of your help.

Discussion / Comparison & Contrast

After finishing the outlines for body paragraphs and categories, you can add another heading for Discussion or Comparison and Contrast depending on the topic and its requirements. Here, under these headings, you can briefly and precisely discuss the positive and negative aspects, benefits, and drawbacks of all the categories in a generic way using a comparison and contrast method.

Conclusion – Suggestions and Recommendations

After structuring the headings and subheadings for all the body paragraphs, the last main heading will be the conclusion where you will summarize and conclude your entire essay. Depending upon the topic requirement and your thesis statement, you can also use sub-headings of Suggestions and Recommendations in the conclusion which are optional and not necessary unless required by the teacher.

Sample Outline Structure

Supposed Topic: Conventional and Unconventional Education and Disciplines

  1. I. Introduction & Thesis Statement
  2. II. Body Paragraphs / Explanation / Main Essay
    1. A. Conventional Education
      1. Definition
      2. Goals and Scope
      3. Disciplines
      4. Major Benefits / Career Orientation
    2. B. Unconventional Education
      1. Definition
      2. Goals and Scope
      3. Disciplines
      4. Major Benefits / Career Orientation
  3. III. A Generic Comparison and Contrast between Conventional & Unconventional Education
  4. IV. Conclusion
    1. Main Conclusion
    2. Suggestions Recommendations

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