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A research paper is an informed guide about a certain topic. The research papers are written to present an ordered and informed knowledge about a topic. In academics, research papers are considered important for furthering discourse on different topics. But students and academicians have some misconceptions about writing the research paper. For example, many believe that research papers invite a thorough understanding of the topic under investigation and some believe that a research paper is just re- narrating the important aspects of a topic. However, the research paper neither requires a thorough understanding of the subject under discussion and nor is it just narration.

When it comes to starting the research paper, an essay writer needs to keep some important things in mind. Since it's about presenting an informed understanding of the knowledge. Therefore, you need to delimit the area under investigation and now the paper will investigate a certain academic aspect. In doing this, the following are some important steps you need to follow for writing the research paper.

Writing Introduction

This is the first part of the research paper. In the introductory part you need to list down the primary areas that dragged your attention toward the area under discussion. The introduction is important since you will make a reference to the previous research here and will present your area as an existing gap in the previously published research.

Purpose of the Study

This section is a small portion of the research paper. In this section, you will point out the factors that led you toward writing a paper on this topic. You will also refer to how this research will be a new addition to the existing literature. The purpose of the study also provides the readers with the idea they are looking for in the research.

Building the thesis statement

The thesis statement is a crucial part. It is the reason many students feel restricted and worry about how to start a research paper. Thesis statement is your prospective goal and therefore you will need to ponder over it thoroughly. The thesis is your first impression about the results of your research paper and therefore its clear description will help you develop the content easily.

Developing the Body

It is the most general part of your research. You will have to mention all required aspects of the research here, by delimiting them with reference to your thesis stance. The body of the research paper may include headings and subheadings, that will help the readers to clearly understand the concepts mentioned. Some students enlist many details in this part, but it is not prudent to refer to unnecessary context.

Ensuring Smooth Transition

This is important. The transition from one part of the paper to another is critical. Most of the writers include unnecessary transitionary aspects that make the paper out of context. To keep the knowledge mentioned intact, you need to use simple transitionary clauses. You need to remember that transitory clauses are not part of the critical knowledge, therefore, you need to put less emphasis over them.

Designing Conclusion

It is the last and most important part of the paper. So, when you are done with writing important information about your topic, recall some of the important points and list them here. The conclusion reflects what important points you have made in the paper. After reading the conclusion, readers can understand your findings which is important in terms of the viability of your research.

Hope you have learned a lot and would be able to start your research paper writing with confidence!

These tips will help you start a research paper perfectly. However, if you are still unsure about your writing skills, get professional help from an essay writing service.

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