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An autobiography is a story of the whole life of a person or an essay writer. The autobiography doesn't need to describe a well-known person, an ordinary person may have some story to tell about life. When a student is given the task of an autobiography, the first question arises regarding the start of the assignment. In the following lines, we will take a look at different ways to start an autobiography or you can ask others to write my essay.


The easiest way to start an autobiography is from the childhood of a person. This technique would also work well if you are writing your autobiography. If you are thinking about how to write an autobiography, an example is given below:

I was born on a hot sunny day at a local clinic in the suburbs of New York. I can recall some of my friends learning to ride a tricycle. My parents said that I was an introvert from childhood who did not like to interact much with other people. I also used to play alone for hours at home. My parents introduced me to books at an early age and they are my best companions until now.

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Who am I?

The above approach may not work when you are writing an autobiography about a person who has achieved much in life. You will have to do far more research related to personality. It is recommended that some of the major achievements of the personality are stated at the beginning of the autobiography even before childhood is discussed. This will attract the interest of readers from the start. Providing such information about the person will make your writing more powerful. An example can be given below:

Benjamin Franklin was the most powerful American of his time but lived in England for many years. He started reading the autobiography when he had to spend a week in the seat of Bishop Shipley. He wrote a majority of the autobiography at that place. The author could not write the autobiography in one go because of many interruptions.

The above passage from an autobiography tells the readers many things about the person and the book at hand. The most important information is the lack of continuity in the book and the repetition of some facts presented therein. However, this is an effective way of starting an autobiography of a famous person.


Another kind of autobiography can be written about a person who has some famous work associated with himself. It is advisable to talk about these achievements in the very beginning to attract the readers to know more about the person. An example below can illustrate this approach:

While writing about Nelson Mandela, the author should start with his struggle against racism in society. The time spent in prison can also be discussed to develop the interest of readers in the book.

The above passage can guide the writer to include some important dates about the personality whose autobiography is being written. These dates will require that the writer researches different sources of information about the personality

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