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Having trouble with your case study? Don’t we all? Case studies are not easy to understand and even harder to write. They are troublesome and make you want to bash your head on a wall.

Well, let me tell you something, the introduction of a case study is its hardest part. Once you get past that, things surely become easy to write. Now, why is that? Because the introduction specifies the main issue that will be tackled with the study. So, I can tell you how to write a case study introduction that will make it easier for you to write your paper.

Thus, let’s get you started on that introduction.

Step 1: State Your Problem

First and foremost, your case study should define the problem that it is tackling. In the very beginning, an essay writer only have to state the problem.

Just define it in one or two sentences. What the problem is and how exactly it is that it’s important.

Your readers need to know exactly what the case study is about. So you must tell this to them at the very beginning of your paper.

Step 2: Present the Problem

Just stating the problem is not enough. You need to give the background of the problem. Make a presentation.

Show the problem in such a manner that the reader understands that it is a big issue.

Talk about how it impacts people. Speak about its consequences.

Just make sure that the reader understands how important the issue is.

Step 3: Define Technical Terms

There are many case studies in which technical terms are used. This can be the name of an organization or a disease, etc. The point is that it is possible that some people won’t know what these terms mean.

Thus, it is best that you define such terms briefly. Make sure to keep it brief but understandable to a normal audience.

This will help in making the case study much easier for most people.

Step 4: State Your Hypothesis

A hypothesis is a statement that proposes something. It says that if a set of certain measures are taken that we will get a certain result.

In your case study, you will have a hypothesis that you will prove through the methods you choose.

This hypothesis, theory, or idea must be stated in the introduction. Your audience needs to know what you want to talk about.

Step 5: Literature Review

Here you will have to briefly mention the other literature that you will be using as a reference. Your case study cannot possibly be the only one on the subject.

You will find many studies that are related to your topic. You need to analyze them and draw conclusions of your own.

These conclusions will help you prove your hypothesis in your case study.

Step 6: Significance

Lastly, you need to make your readers understand the importance of your case study. You have already mentioned how the problem is important.

Now you need to show that you are contributing to a solution. In one way or the other.

Are you furthering another research? Are you setting the benchmark for a new one?

What exactly is so special about your case study?

And Lastly!

If you still don’t think that you can write a case study then don’t worry. It’s no problem at all.

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