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Scholarship essays play an integral role in making you eligible/qualified for a scholarship. It actually gives a chance to make your personality visible to the committee. A scholarship essay must be submitted along with your scholarship application. This essay must persuade the reading committee to consider your application over thousands of other candidates. If you are writing it for the first time then it may be difficult for you.

First of all, you need to find an effective scholarship essay format to develop a perfect essay. Having an essay format is a blessing, and now an essay writer can find various attractive essay formats readily available online.

In order to write a one-page format for your essay, follow the following steps:

The Format

  • Double spaced
  • 12 point Arial or Times New Roman. (Avoid using fancy/visualize script fonts)
  • 1 to 1.5-inch margin (each side)
  • Align paragraphs or put a blank line between paragraphs to set them apart
  • Insert the last name of the writer (your name) and page number of the top (left). You can also sign the writer’s name (your name) at the end of the essay.
  • Essay titles are optional. So take care as needed. But remember, a catchy title makes an impact. Hence, never forget that title is the first thing the reader observes.
  • Make sure you follow the word count specified/set by the scholarship committee. Committee members do not want to read and even check essays that consist of words more than set by them (scholarship committee). For example, do not look for perfection like completing your essay in exactly 300 words if the committee sets a limit of 300 words. But stay closer to the limit (i.e. write between 290 to 310 words). If you write an essay of more than a specified number of words, then the committee may not accept your application.

It may be good to write a detailed essay and discuss everything with sufficient details. But this is not something the scholarship committee looks for. Hence, always remember; Quality is more important than Quantity.

Scholarship Essay Writing Guide

Scholarship essay length would always depend on the instructions and requirements of the educational institution. Therefore, make sure to follow those points effectively. Following are some key guidelines that you can consider while writing your own essay:


The first thing you should write in the format is Introduction. To have a one-page format, never expand your introduction from one to (1-2) paragraphs. All you need to do is to “list out main points and give a brief about them”.


It is the place where you expand the main points that you gave in the introduction. But do not do it when writing format. It will be done in the final essay. All you need to do here is to list examples, evidence, and facts. They will be used to back up your information in the essay.

Always keep body paragraphs between 1-3 paragraphs in your format. They can be more in the essay.


First of all, ensure to have a one-paragraph conclusion in the format. Do not come up with each and every concluding or ending point. Just make sure to list the reason for how the scholarship would benefit you and the institution.

List your goals effectively in a scholarship essay, so that the reader/evaluator would be able to judge your strength and would consider you for the scholarship right away. Getting a scholarship is a dream of every person, but one has to prove himself/herself to get eligible for it.

If you are already occupied with other writing tasks, it is better to get professional assistance from an essay writing service at budget-friendly rates. The writers will help you write a perfect scholarship essay in no time.

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