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A well- developed abstract is an effective way to disseminate your research. Many students and teachers read only the abstract for deciding about the useability of research articles. Many times, when you apply for the research scholarship, the anonymous reviewers will read only the abstract for reaching any decision. So, it is not just the first paragraph rather a reflection of the complete research. To get maximum readership, you will need to write the abstract of minimum hundred words that replicate the different parts of your research. You will have to be extra cautious about synchronizing it with the rest of your paper.

An abstract also decides the scope of your argument. At this point, avoid giving your opinion and do not make a reference to an already published research. You should avoid talking about research methodology and the implications of your research, as it just needs to stand alone. Remember that your abstract will decide about your research’s possible publication or not. This is a bit challenging, but do not get indulge in how to write abstract, rather follow some simple steps to write your abstract. Start by shortlisting some of the previously published content related to your topic and sort them by shortlisting their important points.

After the examination of the sorted content an essay writer is ready to write the review paper. There are some more important points that you need to remember prior to writing your review paper. The abstract is important, and it is what leads toward developing the entire paper. It is also important as it reflects the content of the complete paper, and you need to be extra cautious while writing this part of the paper. Abstract is important as it leads to disseminating further contents of the paper. Prior to conducting research, academicians and most of the researchers just read abstract and decide about the viability or non- viability of the paper

For writing the abstract, you need to focus on two important steps. Many students remain occupied in pondering over how to write an abstract but following the above mentioned two steps can reduce much of their burden.

Step 1: When you are done with deciding about the topic of your article, focus on limiting the scope of your paper. Most of the time, students are unable to grab the basics of their research, which ruins most of their time. After you have chosen a descriptive and unambiguous topic for your research, start enlisting your areas of focus. At this point, you will list down the areas in a rough manner and will chain them in an uninterrupted form. This will help you relate the most important events with the less important ones and you will develop a clear idea of what you will be writing and whatnot.

Step 2: Following the word limit and developing a coherent manner in the text. The abstract is your first impression and you need to keep this in mind that writing anything extra can ruin your effort. Now start enlisting what you think will lead your research and from hereon avoid referring to any unnecessary information. Follow the standard word limit (I.e. not more than 300 words) and mention the most related ideas you will focus on in the paper. Remember that an abstract is the most readout material of the paper and any academic negligence may vanish your entire effort.

Your abstract should have academic credibility to convince the readers to read more of your article. A weak abstract lessens the chances of increasing readership therefore, this part of your article requires deliberation and attention.

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