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When you get the task of writing a research paper you need to write an outline first to prevent you from getting lost and losing grades. You must be wondering what is the purpose of the outline and how it facilitates the writer? An outline is a plan that helps you in organizing the main ideas while also determining the order you will be following to write about them in your research paper. In simple words, an outline aids an essay writer in developing logic and provides a coherent structure that makes it easier for him to write his ideas in a proper format.

Are you worried after being assigned with a task to write a research paper in APA format? Are you staring at the blank screen of your laptop since you have no idea where to start? If yes, then I am here to help you out. This guide walks you through the steps that will help you take the first step by making an APA research paper outline. So without further ado let’s begin.

Pick a topic

As simple as it seems this part is literally the hardest. Mostly, just to impress the professors’ students chose a topic that is either too difficult to comprehend or is not of their interest and thus end up having lower grades. Therefore, it is important that you chose a topic that you are already familiar with, and that interests you the most.

Gather data

Selected a topic? If yes, then now is the time to do extensive research. First off, analyze the topic from various perspectives. Jot down the important points that you will be investigating in your research and then start gathering data. Once you have sufficient data to support your claim it is time to filter the data that is more relevant to your research problem. You are ready to move to the next part.

Title page

In APA format you need to mention the title of the research paper along with your full name, author’s name, professor’s name, date, and any other relevant information. This information comes at the center of the page and is also center-aligned.


In APA abstract comes on the next page after the title page. You need to present a summary of the research paper while also including the research question, major findings, its significance, and a brief conclusion.


This is the part where you grab readers’ attention. You need to hook the reader by either providing statistical information or a fact. You can also pose a question. Make sure to provide background information on your research problem and the results that you are expecting to obtain during the research. You need to present a thesis statement at the end of the introduction to let the readers know what they can expect in the upcoming paragraphs. In APA the title “introduction” will be bold and center-aligned.


In this part, you need to mention the tools, techniques, and equipment that you will be used to carry out research. Make sure to mention each step that you’ll be doing to investigate the research problem.

Results and discussion

In this part, you are free to add graphs, figures, and other statistical examinations. Make sure that you have explained every visual illustration along with sufficient supporting material. You need to mention the numbers next to each of the illustrations and then mention them in the last section that is called the appendix.


This is your last chance to make an impression on the reader. So, do spend some time and try to write an effective conclusion. You need to restate the thesis statement along with a summary of major findings and its significance.

Are you overwhelmed after skimming through the research outline? If yes, then don’t worry, practice makes a man perfect. However, if you are in crunch time then I recommend you try an essay writing service since they have professional writers who can craft an outline for you and can also write a research paper for you within the deadline.

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