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Are you confused because your teacher has given you a task to write an editorial for your school Magazine and you have no idea where to begin?

Well, I am here to help you out by providing you assistance on how you can ace an editorial for your school magazine.

What is an Editorial?

First of all, let me clarify to you that writing an editorial is not exactly rocket science. Editorial is a newspaper or magazine article that illustrates the ideas and perspective of the author. You have to be easy and calm because trust me it is a piece of cake if you choose the right topic. Thus, you just have to be careful while choosing the topic that is appealing and convincing to the readers.

You should not beat around the bush rather conduct detailed research about your topic and provide evidence to support your opinions. Well, even if an essay writer is still wondering how to write an editorial let me tell you. An editorial is not much different from other academic essays so you don’t have to worry. Chin up and give it a try. I am sure you will nail it. You just have to follow the outline and a few general guidelines that I will share with you.

Types of Editorial Writing

There are four different types of editorial writing you can choose. Select the one that suits you and the magazine you are aiming to publish your editorial for.

  1. 1. Persuasive and argumentative
  2. The persuasive or argumentative editorial particularly focuses on how to convince the audience to believe in you. Well, some people find it difficult to persuade others but if you put a little effort you will understand how you can do it by just establishing a connection with your audiences. Highlighting the problems relevant to the issue and that is being faced by people. You just have to be yourself and pen down your own thoughts. Provide evidence to support your arguments for example you can refer to some historical event or statistical facts and figures that support your stance.

  3. 2. Interpretation/ Information
  4. If you are asked to write an informative editorial you are supposed to interpret the topic and explain it well to the readers. You gotta add authentic credible and well-researched information to make sure that the accurate information is being disseminated amongst the readers.

  5. 3. Appreciation/Tribute
  6. If you want to give tribute to anyone such as your school’s principal or any other personality who has done a lot for the betterment of the society, students and the school. You should write an appreciation editorial about a specific person to acknowledge and appreciate their efforts.

  7. 4. Entertainment
  8. You can also write an editorial for the entertainment purpose based on Satire to highlight any topic on a lighter note. You can share a meaningful message to people, share your opinions through entertainment.

General Outline To Write An Editorial

The first line of the editorial should be catchy and interesting that could draw the attention of the readers towards your editorial.

  • Introductory Paragraph
  • The first paragraph of the editorial should be an introductory paragraph that must contain the introduction of the issue, the main theme of the editorial, and the importance of the topic in the lives of common people. You should keep your audiences engaged in the content and relate the article with them as much as you can.

  • Second paragraph
  • In the second paragraph, you should mention all the articles that you have gone through before writing your editorial. You can share your opinion of those articles whether you agree or disagree and give your opinion based on well-researched content.

  • Conclusion paragraph
  • The last paragraph of the editorial should state the final argument with the evidence. You can also include suggestions and recommendations to be able to find a solution for the particular issue discussed in the editorial.

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