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Most applicants worry about writing an exceptional college application essay that will make them stand out. Are you amongst those students who stress out and mess everything at the end. well. You don’t need to worry about writing an amazing application essay because here I am to help you out how to write an unforgettable essay.

I will share a few useful tips and guidelines for you to ace your application essay. I know you must be nervous and overwhelmed right now. I can imagine you wishing if someone could write my essay for me. So, now stop stressing and start working!. Although writing an exceptional college application essay is not a piece of cake but it is not as difficult as you might be thinking.

Guidelines For Application Essay

  1. 1. Read the Prompt carefully
  2. First of all, take a deep breath and exhale all the stress and keep yourself calm and composed. Then take a look at the prompt. Read it thoroughly and try to understand each and every phrase of it. If you find it difficult reading it, split it into several sentences and read one by one. Try to understand it by asking yourself a few questions like why would the admissions officers ask you this prompt? How can it relate to your abilities to ace the college? Once you understand it you can jump to the next step.

  3. 2. Make an outline
  4. This step may sound unnecessary and boring but hey don’t you skip this one. This step is important in building your ideas about your essay. You need to draw a rough outline, make a tree, or bubbles or whatever is easier for you and pen down your rough and raw ideas jumbling in your head. Once you pen everything down you will have a better idea of what you should write in your essay and what is unnecessary that can skip.

  5. 3. Be creative
  6. You have to show your ability to become as creative as you can. Try picking up anecdotes that are vivid to you rather than picking up vague and ambiguous ones. If you have a 500-600 word limit you would not have much space to express yourself. You need to remember that the admission officers are more likely to be interested in your ability to analyze a situation rather than events.

  7. 4. Organize
  8. You have to organize your essay and divide your essay into three to five paragraphs. The introductory paragraph should contain the introduction leading towards the main objective. The discussion paragraph must be creative and convincing. It should contain your view of the story, adding your perspective can make your essay more appealing and interesting. The conclusion paragraph should wrap up the whole idea and give sense to the essay.

  9. 5. Check grammatical mistakes and vocabulary
  10. You gotta check the vocabulary and the tone you are using throughout the essay. The vocabulary should be appropriate for a college-level essay. It should not be too advanced nor too slang. The vocabulary and tone of the essay should complement each other.

  11. 6. Seek second opinions
  12. You should ask others to give your essay a read and critically analyze it for you before submitting your essay. If you feel like your essay is not good enough for the final submission you can take help from college application essay writing service websites that provide student highly professional application essays. These professional writing services specifically hire highly experienced and qualified writers to write exceptional essays for students to stand out and get admitted to the college.

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