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Are you at a stage in your academic life where you have to write a thesis? Well, before you begin writing your thesis, you will first have to write a proposal for your thesis. If you have never done it before, you might ask what a thesis proposal is. It is like a roadmap for your thesis. It would organize the whole process of creating a thesis from just a random idea to a complete and fully researched thesis. You should also know that you would have to get your thesis proposal approved by either your supervisor or a committee. To ensure that your proposal is approved, an essay writer would have to write an impressive thesis proposal.

Your research proposal will explain what you want to research in your thesis, how you will do that research, and why the thesis is relevant. The format of the thesis proposal varies depending upon the nature of paper and field of study, but usually, all of the research papers have the following elements:

  • Cover page: Like your research paper or thesis, the research proposal also has a cover page. Again the format of a cover page may vary according to whatever formatting style you are using, or the guidelines of your department or university. However, a usual cover page must have the title of your thesis, your name, along with the name of your supervisor, student identity number, and the name of the university or the respective department. You might want to check your department’s guidelines about specific formatting.
  • Abstract and Table of contents: These are not a compulsory part of your thesis proposal. However, if you think that your research proposal is very lengthy, you should add a table of content that will help your reader to easily navigate through it. Similarly, an abstract would give them an idea of what is in the proposal.
  • Introduction: This is where your proposal actually begins. Therefore, you should be very cautious while composing the introduction. You should write an introduction after you are done with the research and literature review. You should provide a brief introduction to your topic by giving relevant background knowledge and should enlighten the reader about the context and scope of your research. By the end of the introduction, you should also have identified the problem. Moreover, you should also have written your research question.
  • Literature review: For a strong thesis proposal, you are supposed to have a strong literature review. It convinces the reader that you have done your homework. You have done your research and have reviewed the relevant available literature, before coming up with a thesis topic. It also makes a strong point that you are not going to repeat the research or ideas of other people.
  • Research methodologies: After you are done with the literature review, you might want to bring the attention of the reader back to your research by restating the objectives of your research. In this section, you would briefly explain how you are planning to achieve those objectives. You will explain what research methods and designs you will be using to find the answer to your research question. Is your research going to be qualitative or quantitative? Are you using surveys to find out the answer to your question? All the talk about research methods and designs will be done in this section.
  • Contributions to the existing knowledge and implications: You should be finishing your thesis proposal on a high note. Therefore, in the end, you should enlighten the reader about the contributions that your research would make to the existing sea of knowledge. You can also talk about the implications of your findings as if it is going to solve a problem or generate a crucial debate in the academic sections.
  • Reference page: In the end, you should have a list of references that you have used or consulted for your research proposal. Use proper citation style.

This detailed guide will help you write a perfect proposal in no time. However, if you are still confused, hire an essay writing service to get done with this task at reasonable rates.

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