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If you are struggling with writing because of those pesky little formats then you are not alone. These academic writing formats are all so muddled up with so many rules that it makes your head hurt.

Well, no more! Here is a simple guide on a college application essay format for the Modern Language Association (MLA). Why did I choose MLA? Well, it's the most used format in colleges so a guide for it is surely needed.

Let’s go.

Step 1: No Title Page

Have fun because you don’t need to include a title page in the MLA format. All you need to do is mention your name etc. in the top left corner of the page.

For this, you need to keep your text aligned to the left and enter your name.

Then press enter and mention the date of the application submission.

And that’s it.

Step 2: Margins

In MLA format normal margins are used. This means that the margins for the page will be set at 1 inch on all sides.

If you want to check this then simply locate “Layouts” in the menu bar in your Word document. This bar will be the second from the top of your page.

Go to “Layouts” and select “Margins”. This will be in the left corner.

In “Margins”, select the “Normal” option.

And now your margins are set. You can begin your application.

Step 3: Headings (if needed)

The title heading in MLA will come after the name and the date. Just press enter after the date and align your text to the center.

Then the cursor is at the center then type in the title of your application.

Try not to use “College Application”. Be a little creative and think of something unique. Something that will catch the attention of the admissions committee.

For the rest of the essay, an essay writer can use headings only if they are needed. They are used like this:

  • Level 1: The main heading. It is bold and left-aligned.
  • Level 2: The heading inside level 1 heading. It is italicized and left-aligned.
  • Level 3: The heading inside level 2 heading. It is bold and c.
  • Level 4: The heading inside level 3 heading. It is italicized and aligned to the center.
  • Level 5: The heading inside level 4 heading. It is underlined and aligned to the left.

Step 4: Content

  1. 1. Formatting
  2. Now, here we have the most important part of a college application. In MLA format, every paragraph is indented and lines are double spaced.

    You can set the spacing to double by selecting “Home” in the menu bar. Look for the icon with four lines and two arrows.

    It should be in the paragraph section named “Line and Paragraph Spacing”. Select “2.0” from the drop-down menu.

  3. 2. Topic
  4. Now, as for what you will write in the application, well it could be something that you care about. Something that interests you or fascinates you.

    You can write about your own life, your journey, and what lessons you have learned. You can also speak about your struggles and how you have overcome them.

    Just don’t try to write about all of this at once. Pick one topic and focus on it.

    And remember, this should be about you.

Step 5: Ending

For the ending, you need to make sure that you are remembered. For that, you need to end with a striking sentence.

Or you can use the conclusion to tie in any loose ends that are left.

No matter what you choose to do, just remember, this is the last impression you will leave on the applications committee. Here you can also get help from an authorized essay writing service to write a perfect ending of your essay.

Thus, be careful and good luck!

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