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You might be wondering about the differences between annotated bibliography and the abstract that usually comes up with each academic paper. No worries, this article will guide you about each detail. The annotated bibliography elucidates the whole theme of the article, depicts the limitation of the study and finally, it also incorporates self-observation as well. Moreover, it helps the analyst to further gain knowledge about his/her future research.

Besides, if you just got assigned such a task that asks for a specific writing format, as each format portrays the different levels of academic disciplines. And if you just got assigned a task that asks for MLA format, perhaps you would be struck from where, to begin with. This particular format is mostly used for keeping the paragraphs in continuous as well as coherent. This article will help you in attaining the basic idea of annotated bibliography, as well as how to write it in a specific format.

The usefulness of Annotated Bibliography

  1. It provides you with credibility as well as the reliability of the references that you will be using in your dissertation.
  2. It gives the researcher a new objective to be achieved in the future.
  3. It provides the analysts to completely understand the theme and importance of a particular topic before applying any further judgments.

Writing Annotated Bibliography in MLA

Points to keep in mind;

  1. The title of the reference page will be as “Annotated List of Work Cited” or simply be “Annotated Bibliography”
  2. Incorporate the full listed work cited (which is included at the end of any article).
  3. The response of annotations must not exceed more than one paragraph. But each point should be addressed respectively.
  4. Or if it needs to be exceeded, then you must apply indentation with each new paragraph and split it with a single space between both.

Bibliography Sample for MLA

It is understandable that it sometimes gets confusing, also it’s a bit different for the Modern Language Association’s format to cite references. This example will help you out in grasping the idea of how to write it manually;

Witt, J. K. (2011).Action’s Effect on Perception. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 20(3), 201–206.


The article stated the divergent factors that play an important role in building one’s perception over time. So, as compared to the cognition account relevant to practice, people are capable to perceive the environment in relation to the ability to operate within it. In addition, the variables impacted skill and thereby shaped an understanding included body type, body strength and flexibility, athletic capacity, and role problems. The strength of the following study postulated that the inner abilities of individuals that shaped their perceptions over time. As such analysis is very beneficial for calculating future estimations based on one’s abilities, however, this needs to be further extended towards the other dimensions which shape one’s perceptions respectively.

This is how all the entries will look like in this particular format.

How To Write Annotated Bibliography In MLA Format

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