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Has your teacher asked you to describe a place in an essay format? Or do you struggle with writing certain descriptive essays such as those written in one place? If yes, then this article has got you covered. We have brought a complete guide for you to learn how to write such essays. After going through this guide, you’ll not only learn basic things to include in such an essay but will also get an understanding of its structure. Let’s begin with it.

What are Descriptive Essays

This form of essay is written to provide details on a specific place, person, experience, or thing. A descriptive essay written on a place provides an explicit and clear description of the location to the readers intending to add to their existing knowledge of that place. If you choose to write this essay in a place you're familiar with, it will give you an edge in better describing that place as you'll add your personal experience and thoughts to it. With the help of a paper writing service, you can easily write a great essay.

Perfect Way to Start Descriptive Essays

The best way to start a descriptive essay on a place is to begin writing about the surroundings of that place. Do not just jump right into the scenery of that exact place. Be observant of its surroundings and try to hook readers with interesting information about the areas around it.

I'd recommend that you brainstorm all the important points that are worth describing regarding that place and then organize those distorted points in the shape of an essay.

The starting of an essay is through the introductory paragraph. This part is what attracts the reader and engages them throughout. So, be extra careful in composing it. An essay writer can start an introductory paragraph with a hook that they think the reader will find interesting. This paragraph should end with a strong thesis statement. Unlike other essays, you do not make an argument or take a position in descriptive essays. Rather you reveal why the place is important to you and what is about it that is worth discussing.

As I said earlier, starting with the hook is the key to engaging the reader. So you may be wondering what that hook could be. In such an essay, you're recommended to use an anecdote. Start your essay by narrating a story of personal experience of the place to increase your reader’s curiosity.

The introductory paragraph should also include the exact location and name of that place in case the reader becomes curious enough to visit it. If it's a fictional place, then don't forget to mention it.

How to Write Body Paragraphs

Once you've caught your reader's attention, it is the appropriate time to provide a detailed description of the place by shedding light on the central elements of the place included in the thesis statement.

Describe each of the elements in such an artistic way it makes the reader use all five of their senses. When I used to write my essay, I’d use figurative language such as similes and metaphors to do so. Trust me, using them makes your work look like a literal piece of art.

How to End Your Descriptive Essays?

Finish off your essay with a concluding paragraph. The perfect conclusion consists of a restated version of the thesis statement, important points discussed in the essay, and the writer's reflection or view on the place.

Writing such an essay is no rocket science. If you think you need to learn it more thoroughly to become an expert, look for essay help from a professional essay writing service. They'll surely guide you better.

Hopefully, reading through this article has added to your knowledge on such essays, and you've learned basic elements that should be included in them.

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