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Essays from different subjects require unique techniques to write. Academics have thus divided essays into different types. An essay can be in the form of argumentative, persuasive, cause and effect, and rhetorical analysis essay. Students often find it difficult to write a particular essay because it is a little difficult to follow all techniques at once. Each type requires expertise to write otherwise you may end up writing an essay with an incorrect format.

Usually, an essay has three main parts, introduction, body, and conclusion; your essay is complete if you incorporate these three into your essay. But these also include different sub-categories that are essential to be present in an essay. If you are finding all those categories a bit overwhelming to understand, then you can get yourself free essay samples from online writing services. If you can’t find what you need in the samples, you can place an order for an entirely unique paper on your given prompt. Moreover, there are a number of free options available that may include free revisions, free outlines, free reference pages, and free consultation if you are having difficulty in writing your essay.

The conclusion is the most important part of your rhetorical analysis essay; because you have to summarize every argument in it. You cannot leave out anything as you may lose readers' interest altogether. You will summarize your analysis with a critical evaluation of the rhetoric used in the reading being analyzed. If you still do not feel confident then simply hire an essay writing service which will help you fix your conclusion.

Here are some effective tips which you can follow while writing a conclusion of rhetorical analysis essays:

  1. Persuade the target audience that your arguments are compelling. It can be only achieved by analyzing and summarizing your arguments is a specific pattern. You do not have to rewrite it as a whole, rather re-write it in new words.
  2. Tell the reader how much your analyzed work is important only then your conclusion would be impactful. For example, if you have given some arguments with evidence then illustrate emotions by evocative personal anecdotes. If you have not achieved your goal of research do mention it in conclusion. As an alternate do tell the reader if you would have achieved your goal then how your research would have ended up.
  3. Make sure your presented arguments are not biased and have a neutral approach. The arguments throughout the writing must match with your essay in this way your conclusion would be coherent.
  4. In the end, do not forget to reinstate your thesis statement. It is important because you have to prove it correct or incorrect. You would also mention how the thesis statement shaped your essay and vice versa and how you incorporated your arguments in it.
  5. In your conclusion, an essay writer can also recommend further research on the topic. You can highlight the issues you faced while researching the data and where further research is needed.

Examples of impactful essays

  1. The author has emphasized that humanity has learned how to use technology in constructive ways. But he was adamant that technology cannot be blamed for people who prefer to live in solitude. The rhetorical tools which he used eliminated the negative impact of technology. The author believes that there are a lot of things that humans can learn from the proper use of technology.
  2. The author emphasized the importance of harmony in humanity and how we should take care of each other. He was adamant that a life of solitude has no meaning and interaction is important among humans. He stressed that humans are a social animal, a fact which cannot be denied and he needs interaction with his fellow-creatures. The rhetorical tool which he achieved helped the reader to better understand the ideas mentioned in the essay.

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