Importance of Vocabulary in a College Application Essay – Guide

Some students do not give preference to college admission essays and solely rely on high school grades. It is just a misnomer and if you are one of them then you need to change your thinking. An admission letter is a document that can ensure your enrollment in a reputed college. It means your future is secure and you can get a highly-paid job, ultimately a step towards your professional career. Before you start writing your essay – you should know some basic principles so that you can write an exceptional essay.

Apart from basic principles, the usage of vocabulary is very important. It should correlate to your topic by only using simple words. Do not use terminologies with complex meanings and just be yourself. Your college admission would only select you for what you really are instead of what you are trying to present yourself. The admission committee just wants to know your inner-self and personal views about the world. You can write such an essay in several ways and a professional essay writer could be just one option.

I am writing down some points that you must follow while writing your essay or you can ask others to write my paper.

Importance of Vocabulary in College Application Essay

If you intend to write an essay then first you should look for college application essay examples for guidance. You would find plenty of options and samples on different academic websites. Writing a simple essay is just one thing while writing it by using correct words or the most suitable vocabulary is another. The importance of suitable words cannot be denied but do not use complex words difficult to comprehend for a reader. For your essay, you just need a fairly decent vocabulary that should represent your inner thoughts.

Tips to use vocabulary

You should remember that writing a college essay is not that difficult, you just need to follow basic guidelines. You can find many tips from an essay writing service online with simple research. For your guidance, I am writing down some simple tips. You must follow these while writing your essay, these would help you to choose better vocabulary for the essay.

  • You should not use the same words several times. Preferably use their synonyms as it would add narrative quality to your essay.
  • Do not make any mistakes while using synonyms as some words are specifically used for certain circumstances. Only use words with clear meaning and avoid any potential mistake
  • Try to avoid using difficult words like inveterate, lurid, intrepid, maverick, and knell. If you need to check the meaning of a word from the dictionary and better not use it.
  • Remember that creativity is the key to your essay. Be creative and use words that come naturally to your brain. A reader may lose interest in your essay in the case of complex words.
  • There is no hard and fast rule about choosing and not choosing a word. You just need to make sure to use words that naturally explain the scenario.

Compelling words for College Application

If you want to take admission in any reputed educational institution then make sure that you are good at writing an essay. After following all these rules if you are still unable to write then you should explore other options too. The most popular option is to hire a professional writer working online. I am writing down some important words by using these you can secure admission.

Adaptable Adept
Articulate Assertive
Born Leader Capable
Careful Caring
Detail-oriented Determined
Diligent Driven
Energetic Enthusiastic
Focused Genuine
Gifted Goal-Oriented
Hard Working Honest
Independent Innovative
Inspirational Intellectual
Involved Level-headed
Logical Mature
Motivated Organized
Original Passionate
Patient Persistent
Principled Reliable
Respectful Responsible
Scholarly Sensible
Sensitive Sincere
Studious Strong-willed
Supportive Take-charge
Thoughtful Trustworthy

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