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Have you been asked by your professor to write and deliver an informative speech in your class? Well, calm down! It is not a difficult task. If I may say, it is the easiest type of speech. It does not require any analytical skills. A simple speech example would be enough to get familiar with it. An essay writer just needs to dig up some information about the topic from the internet, his school books, or library sources. And then have to inform your classmates about the topic through your speech. You should choose a topic that you already know something about and have been following it in the news.

Following is an example of informative speech:


COVID-19 is spreading like a wildfire across the world, millions of people have been tested positive for the COVID-19 across the world. It is infecting people indiscriminately. Even the so-called superpower of the world has been ravaged by the pandemic. The United States has more number of COVID-19 cases than any other state in the world. The spread of the pandemic is claiming hundreds and thousands of lives every day because the scientists have not yet discovered the vaccine for the epidemic. Until the virologist and epidemiologist discover the vaccine for the epidemic, the only way to fight the pandemic is by taking precautionary measures.

According to the research conducted by virologists and epidemiologists, COVID-19 transmits from the infected person to others through the respiratory droplets. Therefore, any person who is in close range to the infected person would catch coronavirus if they are not wearing a mask or other protective gear. Moreover, the virus also spreads if people make direct contact with the infected person or touch an object or a surface that was contaminated with the virus. If people touch a railing that a COVID-19 patient has sneezed on or have infected it by some other means. You would immediately be infected if you touch the infected railing and then touch your mouth or nose with those hands.

The scientists may not have yet discovered the cure of COVID-19, but they have informed us how it spreads and what we can do to prevent illness and contain its further spread. The World Health Organization, health professionals, and scientists are urging the public to follow preventive guidelines. To begin with, we are advised to stay indoors and avoid crowded places if we go out in an urgent situation.

Secondly, if going outside, we should wear masks and plastic gloves on our hands and should avoid touching things unnecessarily. Thirdly, we should wash our hands with soap, more frequently and for at least 20 seconds. Moreover, we are advised to not to ton our face without washing our hands. Do not rush towards the hospital if you are showing any symptoms of COVID-19, rather quarantine yourself at home and then contact your doctor. You should practice social distancing guidelines. We are advised to keep the distance from the people even if they are not showing any symptoms of the disease because many of the carriers who are not showing any symptoms are still capable of transmitting it.

Scientists have been unable to discover the vaccine for the pandemic, however, they have told us how COVID-19 spreads from one person to another and how it can be prevented. The epidemic is transmitted through the respiratory droplets from infected persons. The scientists and health professionals have told us how we can prevent the illness and contain the spread of the pandemic. If we do not follow the WHO guidelines, the pandemic will get worse with every passing day.

This was a brief informative speech example. In this speech, my purpose was to inform the readers about the pandemic; how it spreads and what can we do to prevent it. You can also choose such topics, look them up on the internet, and create an informative speech.

Remember! There is no place for bias in an informative speech. You can also ask a legit essay writing service online to write your speech at budget-friendly rates.

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