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Well, it is that time when you have to write a classification essay. Of course, your teacher might have told you about your topic and what to classify for the assignment. But if the choice is up to you, then you must choose wisely.

You have to take care to get enough material that would complete the desired length. It is better not to choose a too broad topic as it would be difficult to fit in all the details. Here are some ideas for you. Or you can also ask others to write my essay.


  • Classifying video games based on violence level
  • The best movies according to popular genres
  • The beauty of various regions around the world
  • The kind of monsters that exist
  • The parenting styles of guardians
  • The fast-food
  • TV shows for teens
  • Dieting and its various forms
  • Stereotypes
  • The ways one can spend free time
  • Athletes
  • Automobiles
  • The various forms of relationships
  • Novels
  • Personalities/Heroes
  • Experiences in life
  • The leaders
  • Strategies related to communication
  • Modes of communication
  • Political systems
  • Healthcare systems
  • Sources of energy
  • Online platforms
  • Useful software
  • Websites
  • Teaching models followed
  • Ways to travel
  • Technological devices
  • Search engines
  • Video game consoles
  • Historical places
  • Workout techniques
  • Marketing strategies
  • Mental disorders and their types
  • Addictions and ways to overcome them

As you might see, the possibilities are endless. The goal is to follow some rules to produce a convincing classification.


Remember, just writing essays does not produce any impact. Of course, it will be what you are doing but you have to build on it. People think differently so you will have to take time deciding why you are making certain categories and what these mean to you. Only then you can get more viable options to choose classification essay topics for assignment. And maybe you are busy and do not have the time to find the topic, then a professional write my paper service could answer your call and do your essay.

After you have defined why you might be inclined towards certain categories, it is time to explain how you would be making the decision to place an item in a certain area. Provide a list of items that are in your mind. It would serve as examples for each category.

You must inform the readers what attributes make a certain entity suitable for a certain class. If the choice is open, then the readers must have a clear indication of why a certain entity was placed in a group as you did. Maybe you have a point that others might not see. Therefore, show them how you think.

Develop a thesis statement based on the categories you would be exploring. The thesis would be rather simple in such cases and should highlight what would be divided and in which categories. As an example consider the thesis statement that states “The movies shall be divided based on their level of violence; The low violence movies; The medium violence ones; The full-blown PG movies”

Keep the other components in line with the generic online essay writing rules and you are good to go. Develop a strong opening and a hook sentence to draw your audience towards you. Make sure to manage to keep everything on track as diversions may not be appreciated. Do some research for the entities that you select to place in each group. You must be dead sure that a certain item has the characteristics which you are writing about. Complete an outline and then begin the final draft on its basis to get great marks.

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