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There are many types of essays that students come across during their academic careers. All these essays require different details depending on the requirements. There are some common aspects in almost all the essays. Mostly, the structure of the essay is the same for all of them.

The most common aspect in almost all kinds of essays is the introduction section. Most of these introduction sections will end up with a thesis statement. A thesis statement will look a little different depending upon the specific type of essay. All the other details in your essay should relate to this statement.

Developing a thesis statement

An initial thesis should be developed at the start of the writing process. This statement can also be called a working thesis. When the topic has been finalized, the next step is to decide on the content of the essay. A clear thesis will allow you to come up with a clear direction and structure for the essay. In the following lines, we will come up with some guidelines to develop a thesis with some examples.

Ask a question

In the prompt of your assignment, there may be a question provided by your teacher. If there is no question available, the essay writer may come up with his or her question. An argumentative essay may be based on the question, “has the internet affected education negatively or positively?” An expository essay may be started with a question, “what were the effects of a printing press on the European Society?” If you cannot come up with a specific question, you may take assignment help from a variety of sources including the websites that provide academic help to students. This is especially helpful when there is a short deadline for assignment submission. You can also ask someone to write my essay for me if you stuck in writing the thesis statement.

Writing the first answer

A preliminary answer can be formed to the question asked in the prompt after some initial research. This answer will be simple and it will guide the process of research and writing. In an argumentative essay, this answer should take one side of the argument and justify it properly. This position statement can be written as “The Internet had a more positive impact on education.” The invention of the printing press meant that more people had access to information.

Developing the answer

This stage will require you to convince the reader to agree with you. You will have to state why this answer suits the situation. When you continue reading the relevant materials and writing the drafts, the answers get more detailed. The final statement will state your position as well as summarize the overall argument.


The positive impacts of the internet on education are far more than negative ones. There is much easier access to information, students are exposed to different perspectives and the learning environment is much more flexible for all the people involved.

The invention of the printing press resulted in a wider circulation of information in Europe and showed the way of the reformation.

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Improving the thesis

A thesis should not be too generalized to be weak. A statement like “The US Government should complete a green New Deal” is too general to be used in an essay. The alternative should be, “The US Government should complete a Green New Deal so that many green jobs are created. The country should lead the combat against climate change and it should also work for its citizens’ development.

The second thesis is much more comprehensive and specific as compared to the first one because the reasons are also stated and the main points are also summarized to convince the readers about the position.

The braille system was an important invention of the nineteenth century. This is a fact but it does not tell the readers how the essay will increase their knowledge. A better alternative may be, “the development of the Braille system improved the lives of blind people in the nineteenth century. The process of acceptance was shaped by holding debates about disabled people’s place in society.

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