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Life is a journey with its ups and downs. All of us have been down in the dumps and second-guessed our life choices. During the rough patch, it is likely that some people might start losing the motivation to do their studies or jobs. To make it even worse, they lose the motivation to do anything at all, which is a perfect recipe for self-destruction.

Consider the following scenario. Erik was five years old when he was learning to ride a bicycle with his father. He used to fall off multiple times when he was in the learning phase. One day he cut his arm pretty badly. For the topic selection phase, you can get help from the paper writing service.

He decided to quit and ran back home to hug his mother. His mother caressed him and gave him a pep talk by advising him to try once more because he was almost there. He couldn’t quit then. You might have heard something like that too, is that so? If yes, then you already understand the gist of motivation.

Do you want to write a motivational speech? Are you contemplating what should be the content of your motivational speech? If your answer to these questions is affirmative and you are looking for motivational speech topics, then this blog has got your back. The interesting topics for your motivational speeches are as follows:

Interesting Topics for Your Motivational Speech

If you sit down every day thinking about a topic for your motivational speech that not only interests you but would also captivate your audience, then these topics are for you. Online essay writing service, might also help you in this regard. Let’s see how you do it.

  • Being Weird is a Wonderful Thing by Ed Sheeran

    If you have heard the song “perfect,” you must have fallen in love with the sweet voice of Ed Sheeran. He is one of the most popular musicians of the contemporary world who touches the hearts of people with his music. In his motivational speech, he admitted that he was the weirdest child one could imagine. He shared his struggles due to his stutter and physical appearance. He stressed the importance of accepting yourself just the way you are.

  • Fall Forward by Denzel Washington

    Have you ever failed at something you tried your best for? Well, you might have felt like your world is falling apart because that hurts like hell. However, on the contrary, Denzel Washington has something different to say about your situation. He is of the view that failing at something in life is inevitable. The key is to accept that and move on with life. So, when you fall, remember to fall forward.

  • I Can, I Will and, I Must By the Great Eric Thomas

    Eric Thomas is considered one of the greatest motivational speakers. He delivered one of the best motivational speeches of all time named I Can, I Will and, I Must. If you have watched this speech, you must have noticed that Eric Thomas continues to repeat one line throughout the speech. That line says that you can get through it, and you would get through that. You must get through this.

    Eric Thomas also provided an interesting trick to motivate oneself to do a difficult task. He suggested visualizing three people you love the most in this world and challenge yourself to question your decision pertaining to your motivation to perform a particular job.

Now that you are aware of the nitty-gritty of motivational speech, you might be thinking along the lines of choosing the topic for your speech. If that’s a struggle for you, an essay writer can come in handy. You can consult a writing specialist without spending a penny.

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