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Writing an essay is one tricky job that you are assigned usually if you are a student. But I personally think that some essays are way tougher than others. For example, in a descriptive essay, you just describe things, and you don't care about thinking differently about the way things are. But in other essays like a persuasive essay, an essay writer will have to present logic and reasons to convince the reader. Let's learn more about these kinds of essays.

A piece of writing that intends to convince a reader is called a Persuasive Essay. One must keep in mind that writing a persuasive essay isn't as easy as it sounds because convincing the audience using logical reasoning is the most challenging task. Despite the fact that you are given instructions as to how to write the best persuasive essay, it is still confusing for them since you have to stand with your points and make the reader believe that you are right, so is your argument.

But do you sometimes wonder what kind of topics a persuasive essay might have? Have you searched for some of the updated persuasive essay topics that you might come across as we have entered 2021, and we have already witnessed a lot of changes in the last year that might be very potential essay topics? We have prepared a list to check out!

  1. States should impose laws to limit their carbon emission
  2. World is changing
  3. will make people lazier
  4. Access to condoms is essential to prevent unnecessary pregnancies
  5. Human society is becoming immoral each day
  6. Poverty is the result of wealth monopoly
  7. Humans will colonize Mars
  8. Artificial intelligence is replacing human resource
  9. Women marches are constructive approaches to demand women rights
  10. Democratic states are peace-loving
  11. Capitalism is exploitative
  12. The world is moving towards a new world order
  13. Zoos should be banned
  14. Laws to protect Wildlife should be strengthened
  15. increasing taxes will ensure progress
  16. Children should not be allowed to own a cell phone
  17. Governments should ban PUBG
  18. People are happier on social media than in real lives
  19. Young people should be allowed to choose their religion
  20. Marijuana should be legalized
  21. Advancing artificial intelligence is essential to tackle down the modern crisis
  22. Plastic should be banned
  23. Students should be allowed to take longer holidays
  24. Schools and colleges should focus on skills development
  25. Women should be paid equally as men at their job place
  26. Pregnant women should be allowed to take paid leaves for delivery
  27. Single parents end up developing stress and depression
  28. Children who have remained victims of violence and abuse develop psychiatric issues
  29. Evolution kills living organisms
  30. Poverty kills people more than corona

You should be able to persuade your stance while writing a persuasive essay. It is quite a tricky job as, in some cases, you should be equipped with some relevant cases. If you think you have a lot of papers to submit and your deadlines are already approaching, we suggest you contact a good online essay writing service. There are some very beneficial writing services that would help you write a perfect essay.

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All other topics are derivatives of some primary topics. You will find hundreds of other essay topics online from the paper writing service, but we found some common topics that might also help you develop content for other essay topics.

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