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To help you with a persuasive essay, I can share some persuasive speech topics that I read in “a guide to essay writing” last week. These topics are trendy, but I think your examiner will like these topics because I am sharing the topics that the professionals recommend.

  1. Should soda be available in the school cafeterias?
  2. How can students be taught about subject selection?
  3. Is career counseling important?
  4. Is it fine to teach students about technological effectiveness?
  5. Is learning a foreign language compulsory?
  6. How is homeschooling an effective way of learning?
  7. Are all students required to participate in the art activities?
  8. Should teachers be biased in the classroom?
  9. Should technology be allowed in the classrooms?
  10. Do you think co-curricular activities are important?
  11. Why should students be allowed to take breaks to visit home?
  12. Covid-19 has brought a major revolution in the education sector?
  13. Why should teacher training be treated as a compulsion?
  14. What are the advantages of being socially active for students?
  15. Is remote learning a better and interactive mode of education?
  16. Is voting a legit right for citizens above 18?
  17. Should church and state be separated?
  18. I think the local newspapers are dwindling
  19. Immigration is a grave concern in the United States of America
  20. Celebrity culture is more like a curse
  21. How is celebrity culture one of the most deviating things in society?
  22. privacy is a universal right, and it should be emphasized
  23. The death penalty should be banned?
  24. Modern man has mitigated the difference between humanity and being human.
  25. There is a need to reform gun laws?
  26. What is the expected outcome of using technology in the classrooms?
  27. Rehabilitation of criminals is a better option than punishment?
  28. Women should be allowed to take maternity leaves
  29. Fast food is a serious threat to human health
  30. Energy drinks should be banned on the premises of educational institutions
  31. There is a need to lower the price of basic necessities of life such as water and food
  32. Man is a puppet in the hands of technology
  33. Gender is nothing but a socially constructed norm
  34. Tourism should be less costly
  35. Social media is both empowering as well as destructing society
  36. Offensive lyrics in music should be banned
  37. Photo filtering applications are ruining the young generation as well as the mindset of the youth.

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