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An exemplification essay is a form of literary writing, where the essay writer presents varying and specified points to refer to proving his/ her narrative. Compared to other forms of descriptive writing, the exemplification essay drives the constant attention of the reader. This attention is linked with points (mentioned as examples) that proves the thesis argument as suggested by the author in the first paragraph. The academic practices suggest different methods and patterns for writing exemplification essays. However, there exist certain attributes of an exemplification essay that need to be filled. If like other students you are confused about the key attributes of an exemplification essay, this description of the key attributes will help you to grasp them thoroughly or you can also ask others to write my essay.

Attributes of an Exemplification Essay

The exemplification essay can be lengthy, but you need to adhere to the following attributes to develop an authentic and well-structured essay.

Developing a thesis stance

In your introduction develop a thesis stance. This thesis stance is a raw idea that you need to prove and refer to in your body paragraphs. It gives an idea to the readers what a writer plans to include in his writing. Developing a thesis statement can be challenging, but for the exemplification essay, you need to provide a relation between two variables that will strengthen your argument further. If you are still confused, get help from an essay writing service now.

Outlining and paragraphing

When you have provided a clear idea, the next thing you need to do is develop your outline. It is important as it will give you an idea about further paragraphing of your text. The outline and paragraphing in the exemplification essay are important as it makes sense to what is being talked about and referred to in the essay.

Providing relevant examples

Your thesis stance will need examples for proving the argument. To verify your stance, you can refer to events or quotes as examples. These examples will create a direction and will influence the readers. Avoid referring to events or quotes that are considered prejudiced.

Mentioning clear details

Provide clear details of the examples. You will have to be concise and unbiased when referring to the details of your essay. The exemplification essay is all about convincing readers from your point of view. These details are critical as any extra detail or reference to an unnecessary event can ruin your effort.

Referring to exemplary ideas

So here is the most critical attribute of the exemplification essay. Many students and writers mention details or events that are the same in varying ways. Many also rephrase events that are widely mentioned and talked about, but you need to avoid such things in your writing. The only way to do this is by referring to the exemplary ideas that can distinguish your arguments from others.

Writing persuasive arguments

Writing persuasive arguments is an attribute of an exemplification essay. Readers often avoid reading to things they see in different writings. If you want to develop persuasiveness in the essay, you will need to convince the readers by mentioning persuasive arguments.

Avoiding complex arguments

Be simple and unbiased in your writing. Complex arguments that are not understandable by readers ruin your argument. To avoid this, mention things in simple terms that are easily comprehensible since the exemplification essay targets a wide audience and not a limited number of people.

Converging to conclusion

This is the last and most critical part of the exemplification essay. Here you will prove your thesis stance and will mention that how the examples referred to in the essay conforms to your argument. Be concise and well organized in your conclusion.

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