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Do you know what key characteristics are that should be reflected in an essay to call it a descriptive type of essay? If not, continue reading this article because we'll discuss key characteristics that makeup such an essay.

For those of you who do not know, descriptive essays are the most expressive ones. They are meant to describe details on a topic, such as a place, person, or thing. A descriptive essay makes the reader use all five of their senses and allows them to create a visual image of what is written in their mind. Thus, you should write it in a way that makes the reader see something through your eyes.

Key Characteristics of a Descriptive Essay

  1. 1. Sensory details

    The most common characteristic is using illustrative language to provide sensory details. It evokes all five senses of the reader. They can create a vivid image of what is written while at the same time they can use their sense of smell, feel, taste, and hearing. They do so by using concrete concepts.

    For instance, while reading an essay on an ocean or a beach, the reader may be able to hear the waves hitting the shore, or they might feel the coldness of water while having a vivid image of a beach sunset in their mind. That’s the beauty of descriptive essays when written correctly.

    Young writers may struggle with bringing this element into their piece of writing as it requires mastery. If you’re also among those individuals, then feel free to get help from an expert who provides the best paper writing service. It is not something that you cannot achieve with little expert assistance.

  2. 2. Symbolic language

    One thing that you'll often find in descriptive essays is the use of symbolic language. They are filled with tons of metaphors, similes, and other figurative language techniques. As I told you earlier, writing sensory details is like creating a piece of art. Consider the use of symbolic language as the key to create that piece of art. You can ask someone to write my paper for me.

  3. 3. Showing instead of telling

    Descriptive essays are written in a way that the reader assumes that they are seeing the topic of discussion rather than reading it. It is achieved through illustrative and vivid language. The writer aims to create a detailed picture of what they're saying so the reader can experience it as they see it rather than just reading it.

  4. 4. Strong Vocabulary

    A pattern that an essay writer will find in almost all descriptive essays is the use of strong and impressive vocabulary. The use of figurative language does not mean that your piece of writing is informal.

    You're advised to use your words carefully and artistically write them. Most people do not have such a strong vocabulary. Thus the only way to build your vocabulary is through reading. Do not just read anything. Read articles and essays that use high-level vocabulary as it will add to your knowledge.

    Well, building vocabulary is a time taking process. One quick way to strengthen the use of vocabulary in your essay is through essay help or asking someone to write essay for me. Use some online tool or get help from an expert who provides the service of improving language in an already written essay.

  5. 5. Strong impression on the reader

    Last but not the least, a descriptive essay attempts to leave a strong impression in its reader’s mind. That impression is built through a strong claim in the thesis statement and is carried forward throughout. The essay is built around a central theme, and that theme is reflected throughout in body paragraphs. A strong thesis statement and evidence used to back it up are what keeps the readers hooked.

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