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A research paper cannot get approved without an abstract page. An evaluator or any reader would not always be having ample time to read the entire research paper. Therefore he/she would always be looking for an abstract of the paper that would offer key elements of whatever is covered within the research work. An abstract is an important reference for researchers as well as students who work on their research paper or proposal. The importance of an abstract gets higher when it comes to high-level papers. These include papers written by researchers, scientists, and scholars.

An abstract is a part that describes a research study or paper in a capsule form. An abstract is a short overview of the research and analysis of the author so that they can comprehend the content of the research and analysis quickly. The details and information provided in the abstract of a paper should be enough to assist the author to decide the relevancy of his/her work. In other words, the information of an abstract must enable the research to decide the association between the work and his/her interest in it.

Almost the most important element of an abstract is that it should be brief. But it should not lack any information or facts that define the significance of the study conducted. The abstract also assists the researcher or author in whether to proceed reading the paper or not. The same is the case when it comes to the reader of the paper or research work.

One can find a large number of components of an abstract. But the major components are four in number. An essay writer can learn how to write an abstract when he knows the main components of it. Knowing each and every component would also enable you to write a masterful abstract.

Components of an Abstract

Particularly, an abstract is written in order to meet its proposed purpose. Mainly, every abstract should;

  1. 1. Stating research objectives

    It must clearly state all research objectives. An abstract cannot be considered as a good one if it fails to state every objective finely and evidently.

  2. 2. Describing the research method

    An abstract is a part of the paper that concisely describes the research methodology used by the author or researcher. The research methodology is described in a way that contains a brief introduction of the data type, analysis, and research process employed by the researcher.

  3. 3. Summarizing the end results

    An abstract does not only describe what the paper is about. While an abstract must summarize the end results of the paper or study conducted. This component of an abstract clarifies that an abstract covers every major point of the paper. In order words, an abstract is the part of the paper that puts a light on the whole paper from beginning to end.

  4. 4. Stating the conclusions

    An abstract of a research paper is the one the states the primary conclusions of the study conducted. It also highlights recommendations proposed by the research at the end of the study or paper.

In general, an informational abstract is the one that gives a brief summary of the main parts of the paper. In a paper that is written for academic purposes, recommendations are not included in the abstract. Hence, recommendations could be made based on the results of the study.

Remember! Conclusions must be given higher importance and concentration while writing an abstract, as it provides recommendations and suggestions for future research work.

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