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Essay writing is a major activity undertaken by students at all educational levels. Some students find it difficult to write quality essays and get higher grades in the subjects. There are many essay writing services that help the students in completing their assignments. Since there are many such services available, students have to choose among them. In the following lines, we will take a look at the characteristics of such companies desired by the students or you can ask others to write my essay.


This is the time of social media and other similar applications. Students should look for the reviews received by a company from the customers. A single platform mustn't be used to assess the company. A student should look for some independent reviews for the company. These reviews should include the major things about the essay writer whose services were used by the client. You have to distinguish between paid and independent reviews for the company.

Active website

A website should be active and updated for the company. The homepage may be simple which includes a summary of the services provided by the company. The writers and their respective fields and qualifications should also be shown in a section. The rates and discounts should also be mentioned on a page. A custom essay writing service may not be able to handle complex essays. The customer should confirm whether the company has a writer specifically for the subject required. Another important aspect is the availability of the past work done by the writers of the company. This will provide the customer with an idea of the work to be expected. The company addresses and contact numbers should also be available at prominent places on the website. The contact numbers should be active so that the customers can easily contact the company when required.


This is one of the most important aspects related to these services. You can compare the prices of two or three companies and then decide which way to go. This aspect does not only include the prices but also the possible discounts which are offered by the company. A person ordering a dissertation of fifty pages expects to receive a considerable discount. Similarly, another student who has brought three or four orders for the company should also qualify for some discounts. All the rates and discount options should be mentioned on the company website.

Availability of free services

There are many services which are provided free of cost by these companies. They provide the sample essays which can be reviewed by the students. These samples allow potential customers to know the expected quality of the work. These services may include the outline and proofreading services. A student may avail of the services of sample essays to review the quality of work. An outline can be used by the students to produce their essays.


The students have to provide a suitable time for these services for writing the essay. In a short while, they may provide you with lower quality or even plagiarized content. The paper writing service should provide the students with the originality report along with the essay. The similarity index shows the percentage of content that is copied from various sources. The students know the upper limit of the similarity index and they compare the originality provided by the company with that. Referencing is another important aspect related to originality because it refers to giving credit to other authors for their work. The student should make sure that the writers are familiar with almost all the referencing styles in practice. The sample essays available may give the students a better idea about it.

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