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Each essay writer has to write down a research paper at some point in their academic journey. Writing research is a very crucial skill that every student should have for a successful academic life. Because of the sheer importance of the research papers, students start learning research and writing skills at an early stage in their high schools. Students have to write well-researched essays in their high school and as they go to colleges for higher studies they are acquainted with the research papers.

Despite the popularity of the research papers among students, it gets quite difficult for many students to differentiate between a research paper and a review paper. Where a research paper is based on original research, a review paper does not involve any new research or experiment. Rather it only looks at the previous research with the present-day perspective.

While collecting data for your academic writing assignments or other study-related purposes, you will find both research papers and review papers on the internet. Although both are scholarly resources, it is pertinent that one understands the differences between the two. If you do not know the differences between the two, you can always ask the best essay writing service to help you out. However, if you want to be able to tell the difference between the research paper and a review paper, you should look at the following differentiating points between the two:

Primary vs secondary source

Where a review paper is considered as a secondary source, a research paper is referred to as a primary source. A review paper does not report any new research or data but it basically analyzes and reviews the already published data and research. On the other hand, a research paper presents new research data. It is written after the analysis of the raw data that is collected by various methodologies like surveys, experiments, and interviews, etc. A new study is conducted based on the raw data where the interpretations and conclusions are published in the research paper.

Original vs derivative

A research paper is an original study. Original data is reported in a research paper and research methodology is explained, which can be used by other researchers to repeat the experiment. It is a unique investigation conducted by a researcher to find an answer to a specific research question.

Conversely, in a review paper already available research on specific data is combined and analyzed to give an overview of the topic. It is a derivative study that generally summarizes the available literature on the given topic. If you are confused about it, ask others to write my essay for me.

Differences in Paper structure

A research paper has a particular structure. It may involve a summary or an abstract depending on the formatting style. However, every research paper has a hypothesis, background knowledge on the topic, research methodology, discussion, and results. It also explains how the research findings can lead to further research.

On the other hand, a review paper already published data is reviewed. Similarities in the research on the given topic are reported in a review paper, and reasons for disagreements are also reported.

The difference in the number of words

The length of both a research paper and a review paper depends upon the requirements stated by the respective journals. However, a research paper usually ranges from 3000 to 6000 words. And in some cases could also reach the word count of 12000, based on the journal requirement. However, a review paper normally has a word count between 3000 and 5000 words. In certain cases, there can be a short review paper and in other cases, it could be longer.

Bottom Line

The primary difference between a research paper and a review paper is that the former is based on an original and new study while later is based on an existing study and data. The research paper provides new ideas and information while a review paper combines form various already existing sources and analyzes them. Consult an essay writer service if you want to complete this task in no time.

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