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“Almost” Similar…

Autobiographies and memoirs are almost similar. The reason I say “almost” is because the two belong to different genres of writing but it is not always easy to tell them apart. The reason is that both are based on someone’s life and narrate stories of events and occurrences that became a part of their life experience. Both are written by the person themselves in first-person pronouns.

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The Goal…

The main difference between both genres is in the purpose. The goal of writing an autobiography is that the writers want to document their life experiences and narrate the entire story of their life. The reason for opting for memoirs is that they attempt to present memories in an emotional and passionate manner.


The tone of an autobiography is formal and less open than that of a memoir. The tone of a memoir is more laid-back and relaxed. If you are still confused, get help from an essay writing service now.

The Rules and Structure…

Autobiographies want to be politically correct. All the information is arranged in chronological order and supplemented by proper timelines and context. Memoires, on the other hand, concern themselves with talking about certain life experiences that may not be in any chronological sequence.

Memoires are emotionally charged and they aim at bonding with the reader so that there is an instant understanding between the reader and the essay writer. They prefer to be conversational whereas autobiographies aim at narrating the life of a writer while not paying as much attention to being emotionally stimulating.

Memoirs don’t have to discuss the entire life of a writer but fragmented instances that are special to them. These are presented to the reader with a certain agenda of sharing, connecting, making the reader see these instances as the writer saw them and promote feelings of empathy and understanding.

Memoirs don’t have to follow the strict rules of an organization like autobiographies do. They are open to being written in many different ways as the author pleases but autobiographical works have certain protocols of writing that have to be followed.

Details vs. Particular Details…

Autobiographies are detailed and extensive versions of life events. Each event of life has to be explained by contextualizing it in history so that the reader can make sense of it. Memoires can get away with omitting any information that the writer may not consider important enough to be a part of the narrative.

Memoires are shorter in length than autobiographies because typically, there is less amount of detail and elaboration in them.

Autobiographies are usually written at some later stage of the writer’s life because it has to document a life’s history. Memories are not constrained by a need to be holistic, so anyone can choose to write a memoir at any given time in their lives.

Documenting Unique Experiences…

Sometimes, memoirs choose to document one kind of experience instead of a generic view. They are very useful for the purpose of describing one particular phase in someone’s life. For example, someone’s fight with mental illness, the experience of being kidnapped, and many other such unique experiences.

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