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Reading a book is different from writing a report about it. The former does not necessarily require the reader to look for deep meanings in the text and she can just grasp the main idea by reading. However, for the latter, the reader needs to read the book critically and take notes so that she can write a good report on it. Students write several book reports in their academic careers as it helps them develop critical thinking and analytical skills. However, to write a good book report, the writer must have excellent writing skills.

Book reports can help students form their opinions about the texts, the authors, and their writing styles. They can learn different literary devices that are used in books. Students who are good at writing essays find it interesting and enjoy writing about the books they read but those who lack writing skills fail to write remarkable book reports, ask someone to write my essay.

There are several kinds of book reports but the key ones are three. They include a report on plot summary, theme analysis, and character analysis. Each type of report, however, attempts to discuss a different aspect of the book. It can either analyze the overall plot of the book or summarize it. Similarly, it can critically analyze its charters and how their connection in the story. Moreover, a book report can also take into account different themes of the book, what the author wants to convey through those themes. For an essay writer, writing a report on the book will be fun. She can enjoy both reading and writing at the same time along with enriching her knowledge about the book.

The three key types of book reports are as follows.

  1. 1- Plot Summary Report

    In a plot summary report, the author is required to discuss the overall book, and provide a summary of the plot of the book. However, it is not about retelling the story or summarizing it. Rather, in this kind of report, the author should talk about the plot of the book and discuss it to give an opinion about the way it unravels in the book. The author also provides her opinion about why the plot is compelling or interesting, or either it is sappy and unrealistic or stemming from reality or not. The author should make sure to provide enough examples from the book to support the claim of her report, otherwise, it would serve no purpose and would be nothing more than a mere sweeping statement. If you need someone to help with your paper, say write my paper to them.

  2. 2- Character Analysis

    In a character analysis report, the author discusses the characters of the book and gives opinions about them. It analyzes the personality traits of the characters, their behavior, and how they acted in the story. Besides, it also analyzes how their action affected the plot of the book. A character analysis report discusses the characters in every possible way, from their dresses to their way of speaking, responding, and engaging with others. What degree of positivity and negativity they have and how their interaction moves the plot.

  3. 3- Theme Analysis

    A theme analysis report deals with the themes of the book. It discusses various themes that the author has used in the book and gives a value judgment about them. This report does not simply state the themes but also critically analyze them besides, you are not advised to leave your steamers unbacked from the text of the book. If you say, the author of the book has dwelled upon the theme of happiness and sorrow in the book, you are liable to provide evidence from the book to support it. Once you have discussed the themes of the book in your report, next you should also add a few sentences about how they have impacted you as a reader and how strongly they have been placed in the plot setting of the book. You can also get help from the paper writing service for your academic assignment.

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