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You cannot achieve a college or university degree without making an effort. Theodore Roosevelt once said, "Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort." Hard work and effort are just one component of your academic life. There is no doubt that students often face many challenges but many of them find opportunities from those challenges and emerge successfully. From those challenges, writing a research paper requires a hell of an effort. It requires time, energy, and focus to write, and you cannot pass a grade without doing all your papers properly.

If you’ve got a research paper to write and find yourself stuck with no clue how to start, you can visit a good paper writing service online and request a research paper example or sample paper. That would give you a good idea of what a professionally done paper is supposed to look like. If you need further help you can purchase a full-fledged and unique paper on your own research question to help you write your own. Further for your knowledge, here are a few tips an essay writer can use to write a good research paper of his own.

Let's start with the basics, there are 6 basic types of research papers:

  1. Analytical Paper

    In this paper, you would write different questions about your topic and try to find relevant data from different sources. You will also look at what other researchers have written about the topic. Your position should be neutral by analyzing the facts from different perspectives.

  2. Argumentative Paper

    Its name indicates that in this paper you have to present arguments from two sides on a controversial issue. You would include different arguments from other researchers and what their findings were. After your research, you have to choose one side but you should stick with only facts and figures proving your point of view.

  3. Persuasive Paper

    In this type, you have to persuade your reader that your point is valid. You can use your emotions, opinions, and ideas to persuade the reader. In an academic essay, these should be backed by facts and figures without these your essay would become an opinion article.

  4. Compare and Contrast Paper

    In this paper, you would analyze the difference between the two stories, subjects, authors, and viewpoints. You will compare and contrast both sides by supporting them with your thesis statement.

  5. Interpretative Paper

    Usually, law students write this type of paper because they have to interpret things based on previous legal cases. You have to use valid supporting data to back up your claim which you will do by using a theoretical framework.

  6. Cause and Effect Paper

    In this paper, you have to trace the results of specific actions by applying different techniques. Cause and effect can also be implied by raising a particular situation or action. Sometimes this paper is more difficult to write than an argumentative essay.

Tips to write a paper

  1. An essay writer should be able to understand the directions of his assignment. First, read it carefully and identify your goals and make key points. If you still face any difficulty do ask your professor about it.
  2. You should know your audience so that you can mold your arguments accordingly. Do not use technical terms if you think the reader would not understand it and use examples to clarify your stance.
  3. Your preliminary research is important so make sure that you find all the relevant data and incorporate it into your essay.
  4. Make sure that you write a well-crafted outline that will help you and the reader to get a comprehensive idea about your essay.
  5. Write a very good and appealing thesis statement at the end of your introduction. Make sure that it should be coherent, contentious, and concise.
  6. The essay body's building blocks of your essay to make sure that you follow the proper structures to write one.
  7. In the end, you will summarize your essay in the form of a conclusion.

Ideas to write a paper

You can write research papers within the following areas with hundreds of topics:

  1. Research Papers on Business
  2. Research Papers on Crime and Law
  3. Research Papers on Drug Abuse
  4. Research Papers on Education
  5. Research Papers on Environmental Sciences
  6. Research Papers on Family Issues
  7. Research Papers on Health
  8. Research Papers on Media and Mass Communication
  9. Research Papers on Political Issues
  10. Research Papers On Psychological Issues

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