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Citations make your head spin. You are not alone. This happens to just about every sane person in the world. You wouldn’t meet anyone fond of putting in those dreary citations like they are the best things that ever happened to them.

You Need Those References…

You can develop a cordial, if not intimate, relationship with these references and citations. You have to admit it. You need them. You need to know them inside out if you want that perfect grade or even that passing grade!

Why are these devils even important, you may ask? Well, you need to provide evidence for whatever you write. There is so much that can happen if you don’t. Your claims won’t be validated. There will be no basis for these claims to be written down in your essay or paper.

When they can’t be validated, you can’t prove if you borrowed the idea from someone else. There is simply no way of knowing if you stole the material or not. Now, if you’re not acknowledging the material to not be someone else’s and giving them the due credit, there is something seriously wrong. Why would you steal someone else’s work, after all?

You Definitely Don’t Want to Steal, Right?

Yes, not being able to give citations is tantamount to stealing material.

Now that we have established that there is an absolute need for you to get your citations and references right, the journey has just begun. Not to overwhelm you, but there are quite a number of different citation styles waiting to make your life harder. Every field of knowledge has its own set of rules to streamline its research. You can ask someone to write my essay for me if you are overloaded with other assignments.

Also, within each style, there are different ways of citing different sources.

And if that has made you want to run as far away as possible from everything related to citations and references for the rest of your life, you really need to contain yourself.

You can’t; you just can’t run away from references if you want to earn degrees. If a college and university education is on your list, there goes your plan to run away.

You wish there could be something else. Someone could swoop in and write your essay. You may even agree to pay for an essay to the essay writer because you need this done, and you don’t see yourself ever being friends with these citations. You really need to calm yourself down.

The Basics…

All is not lost. It is quite easy to start from the basics and take some baby steps. APA (American Psychological Association) and MLA (Modern Languages Association) are two of the most famous and frequently used styles. It would be better to start learning from these. With the help of a paper writing service, you can easily create a good assignment.

It all starts with simple in-text citations. In APA, the format is author-date. It goes something like this: (Author’s last name, date). If you are directly quoting from some source, you have to add a page number or range of page numbers. That would be something like this: (Author’s last name, date, p. 56) or (Author’s last name, date, pp. 45-50).

In the case of MLA citations, the in-text citations include information regarding the author’s last name and page number from which the information has been extracted. It goes like this: (Author’s last name 327)

Moving on to the reference list, the basic APA format is Author’s last name, Initials of first name, Initials of middle name. (Year). Title of the source. The doi.

Now, there is some minor difference for different sources:

For articles: Author’s last name, Initials of first name, Initials of middle name. (Year). Title of the source. Title of the Periodical. Volume number (issue number), pages. DOI.

For books: Author’s last name, Initials of the first name, Initials of the middle name. (Year). Title of the book. Subtitle. Publisher’s name. DOI.

For MLA, the basic format would be Author’s last name. Title of the source, Date of publication, Location (page number).

For articles: Author(s)’s last names. "Title of Article." Journal’s title, Volume, Issue, Year of publication, pages.

For books: Last Name of author, First Name. Title. City of Publication, Publisher’s name, date of publication.

Now that you have the basic formats for books and articles, your work can become much easier. You can even go back to the idea of paying for your essay and get assistance from a professional essay writing service if you are not up to the task yourself yet. These services can make those references easier for you.

Good luck!

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