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Essay writing is very important for academic success and a way in which people communicate with each other in an academic community. An essay is a piece of writing that is written to inform the readers about a specific topic. In order for a reader to be adequately informed and convinced, the essay must include different components to keep it in a logical manner. The essay’s main parts are the introduction, body, and conclusion. The standard short essay comprises five paragraphs and provides readers sufficient information in a little amount of space. However, for dissertation or research papers it is important to include more than five paragraphs to not overwhelm readers with so much information in one paragraph. If you are confused, ask others write my essay now.


In essay writing, every paragraph and sentence is important. But the introduction section is considered as something very important where you create your first impression. You should know that many professors will start grading your essay as soon as they start reading it. They will be marking your essay maybe not in terms of a grade but in terms of effective/ineffective, strong/weak, and interesting/dull. Therefore, you should start your essay with some strong points. Your essay opening paragraph should provide your readers with your argument initial impressions, your writing style, and overall essay quality. A disorganized, boring, and error-filled introduction can create a negative impression. If you don’t know how to write an effective hook, then consult a cheap essay writing service where professional writers will help you to write a well-written introduction for your essay. You should keep in mind the following points while writing an introduction

  • Your essay introduction should contain an attention-grabbing sentence or something which makes your essay sound interesting. Start with some quotes, facts, or statistics.
  • Make sure that your introduction moves from general to specific with respect to the topic.
  • The introduction should provide a roadmap in a logical manner to your readers.
  • End your introduction with a thesis statement.


The next part of the essay is the body which should comprise five paragraphs. Remember! Each body paragraph comprises the same basic structure. Start by writing a topic sentence and then support ideas by providing evidence. The body of the essay should include the following points

  • Include evidence in addition to the author's ideas.
  • Each paragraph should include a topic sentence that relates to the thesis statement.
  • Include evidence and substantial examples to support your arguments. Don’t forget to cite.
  • The ideas should be in a logical order: There are three types of order
  • Spatial Order: This order is good for the location's description.
  • Chronological Order: This order is good for a narrative essay
  • Emphatic Order: In this type of order you go from least important to most important. This is most commonly used in college essay writing.

Make sure that transition sentences are present to form a logical flow of the essay. If you have less time, then the best way is to consult a professional essay writer so that you'll get your work done by the deadline. Don’t write in a hurry otherwise, you will lose your grades.


In this section, there is a restatement of the essay's aim. Summarize all the main points of the essay. Remember! You don’t need to go into detail or recap every idea you included in your essay, but make sure all important ones are in. Make sure that readers are left with something to think about. Lastly, review all that you have written. Reread your essay and check whether it makes sense. Make sure that all sentences are in a logical order and check your essay for spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Congratulations! You have written a perfect essay. If you still need any help, hire a paper writing service now.

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