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Are you planning to join a debate? Are you assigned by your teacher to write a debate speech? YES! So it is time to write an outstanding debate speech to win the game. You can have many methods in mind to use when writing your speech. But gaps are everywhere. It means that these methods may not lead to perfection and professionalism at once.

Never think that we can do our tasks completely independently. While we always seek assistance. The same applies when it comes to writing an outstanding and masterful debate speech. Hence, this article is going to guide you on how to create an outstanding and masterful debate speech or you can ask others to write my essay.

All you need to do is; understand the suggested methods/approaches and components. So you will have higher chances to ensure perfection and even success in the battle.

Step to Write an Outstanding Debate Speech

Step 1 – Research the topic

You may have a particular topic in hand when you are planning to participate in a debate. The topic may also be assigned by the party that organizes the event of debate speeches. So, your task is to research your topic methodically with credible details and information. Do so because you might be required to work on one side of the topic. But you will always need to have a huge amount of information about the aspect you are covering in the speech.

Moreover, you may be asked to cover one side of the topic. But you should understand every aspect of the topic. Because you are not only proving your argument. While you may need to raise questions about the side the opposing party is covering. Hence, first of all, research the topic of your speech thoroughly and understand all aspects.

Step 2 – Develop the outline or structure

You will struggle a lot to ensure perfection if you are writing your debate speech without having an outline in hand. Because an outline is a tool that would keep writing in order. More, the writing organization would perhaps be better if you create and follow a basic outline.

This is a fine conception to memorize the ultimate debate speech. But it may not be possible at all times. Hence, make sure that you list out all the main points of your speech when writing the outline. You can even completely rely on the outline if it contains all points. If you are still confused, hire a paper writing service now.

Step 3 – Write the introduction section

A professional essay writer says that writing the introduction is not only a writing task but is about influential writing. This means that you write an interesting and catchy introduction for your debate speech because it is the place where you grab the attention of the audience. You can write an interesting and catchy introduction by introducing your topic clearly, concisely, and evidently.

In short, make sure you open your debate speech effectively, masterfully, as well as colorfully. Otherwise, you may not get the attention of the audience.

Step 4 – Sketch where your point clearly stands

Writing a debate speech is not similar to writing an essay (i.e. informative essay). Writing becomes more critical when it comes to writing a masterful and outstanding debate speech. It means that you will have to outline where your topic stands. Otherwise, judges (as well as the audience) would be riddled about where you stand on your main topic. For example, clearly outline that you are “negative” or “affirmative” to the decision.

Step 5 – Develop main points to support your position

A debate speech can be considered an outstanding one if it contains key points that support the position of the person/speaker. To write an outstanding debate speech, highly every key point of your speech. And use them to back up your position as well as arguments or argumentation.

To make your points support your position/stance, you can give rapid-fire examples that would fill up evidence. While the evidence would then be used to back up your position.

Step 6 – Build up key points

A debate speech can win the game if it covers everything based on the key points. It means you should develop key points when writing your debate speech. So, your speech will have the competency to win the game for you.

Every speaker wants to support his/her arguments (especially main) they use to rationalize his/her stance and position. You want the same! If yes, then develop key points when writing your speech. But the matter is how can it be? No worries, it is easy.

Back up each and every key point with relevant examples and evidence such as facts, stats, and quotes, etc. So you will have your key points developed.

Step 7 – Focus on persuasion

A debate speech could be considered as an outstanding work if efficiently pursues the audience. Otherwise, a speech would be a common one, not an outstanding one. So to make your speech outstanding, always focus on persuasion. Like; “how the speech will pursue the audience”?

Many philosophers and authors have studied the art of persuasion. So, study their works to learn how you can ensure it when writing your speech. Also, understand the techniques of writing a speech that is persuasive and attention-grabbing.

You learned how to create an outstanding and masterful debate speech! Great! But do not forget to conclude your speech when it gets completed. To conclude your speech, restate your general stand on your topic. As well as strengthen your position and add a “call to action” statement. If you need any further help, consult an essay writing service now.

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